Weeks went by after Moon's sudden death. Our morale was at an all-time low. She had been our guiding light. The weeks following her death seemed like nothing to me. I couldn't fight after that tragic day. I vowed never to kill again. All for you, Moon.

However, my officers didn't agree. They continued to send me into battle, but I wouldn't fight. I was to the point of almost being sent home and getting court-martialed for insubordination. I never did get sent home.

It was a cold, December morning.

The marines had been fighting for a few hours. Ray encouraged me to join in the fighting. He said it would be for my own good. I eventually joined him after some heavy persuasion from his end. Unlike the previous battles, I didn't fight back much. I still partnered up with Ray, but he did most of the killing. Every day, I thought about Moon. That necklace has never left me. I can see her eyes in the stone. Sweet, little Moon…why did you have to go?

Ray had told me to go up a nearby hill and scout it out. He should have gone instead. It was a cold, December morning. I reached the top of the hill to see a travesty being committed. Two Chinese soldiers had pulled a family from their house, and they were being executed…one by one. I had poked my head over the hill just in time to see the youngest member of the family…a little girl…get shot in the head.

Something inside of me snapped at that moment.

The first day I met Moon. Her relationship with the platoon. The necklace. All of these memories came flashing back in an instant. My blood boiled…I began to sweat. I threw down my rifle and stood at the top of the hill in plain view of the two Chinese soldiers. With a yell, I charged down the hill, pistol in hand.

This is for you, Moon.

I remember getting shot on the way down. As I was running, I felt something tear through my left shoulder. I didn't feel the pain. I just kept running. As I reached the bottom, I loaded my pistol and shot at one of the soldiers. He fell in an instant. The other soldier panicked and started to run. The pain was starting to make itself noticed. Things were moving in slow motion as I ran towards the fleeing soldier. I didn't bother shooting. He yelled as I threw him down to the ground. The pistol was gone from my hands. Every time one of my hands collided with his face, I could feel something break. Blood was spilling from my shoulder and down my arm. Every punch felt like an explosion of pain. The impact of the punches started to sound wet and sloppy. I hastily grabbed my pistol and continued the beating of this soldier.

I don't know how long I went on. I was wrist-deep in blood and brain matter by the time I was finished. My skin was growing pale. The wound was winning. I stood up, undisturbed by the horrific sight that lay in front of me. I sat down in front of the house, pistol in hand, and stared up at the sky. I could see a face in the clouds.


She was looking down at me. She looked happy to see me, as always. I smiled back at her, glad to see her smiling face once more. She began to wave at me. She wasn't saying anything, but I could tell that she wanted me to come with her. She wanted me to join her. So I obliged.

The last thing I felt was the sharp impact of the bullet from my pistol. I'm with you now, Moon…I'm with you forever. I'm never leaving you. You can count on it.

I love you, Moon.