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Do you believe in the world of magic? I am sure many of you know about mangas such as Mahou Sensei Negima and movies such as Harry Potter. The characters in those stories all excel in magic. However this story does not concentrate mainly on magic.

Setsuyamachi was a rural town away from the busy city centre. It had a span of 50,000 square kilometers and a population of about 10 thousand people. The land each person could use was quite large, so there were seldom conflicts between the citizens in terms of space.

Aside from having a large area, Setsuyamachi did have valuable resources, to the extent that the citizens could live on their own without help from the city. Many people would like to come to the town, for business, for retirement, or for relaxation. However, there was one strict rule which limited the amount of people in the town.

All citizens must have the ability to use magic.

Chapter 01 The Encounter

Ruya Saki was walking along the streets of Setsuyamachi, looking for a sign indicating where she was. She took a small piece of paper from her pocket and took a good look at it once again.

397 Arashi Street.

She sighed as she read the address again. Where the hell is this place?

Ruya was a fifteen year old girl with average length brown hair and brown eyes. Her appearance looked plain, and her height was average as well. She was wearing a white T-shirt with a light blue hoodie, and matching yellow skirt and brown boots.

Today was the first day she entered Setsuyamachi. Ruya had no idea why she was invited to this mysterious town where everyone wanted to go to. She was still not yet awoken from her nice dream when she checked her mail the other day and discovered the letter of invitation.

She continued to walk, not knowing where she was heading. There was no one on the streets. Surely, a 5-square-kilometre-per-person town was a difficult place to look for someone, especially at this time of the day when the sun was setting.

As she was about to give up and look for a police station instead, Ruya spotted two guys standing and chatting at the end of the street.

Yay! Finally there is someone!

Ruya ran towards the two people, who looked around at her when they sensed someone approaching. Ruya stopped a few steps before crashing onto the two guys and took out her piece of paper.

"Excuse me. Does any of you by chance know where this place is?" She asked politely.

One of the guys took her paper and looked at the address. The other one peeped at the note as well. Then the two of them looked like they were in a state of thinking.

Ruya looked at the two hopefully as they were thinking to themselves. One of them seemed to have remembered something, as he handed the note back to Ruya with a smile.

"Do you know where it is?" Ruya asked happily.

"Yep we do," he answered, "but we are not telling you unless you pay us something."

"Pay?" Ruya showed a questioned look. "I don't have much money with me…"

"We do not need money. Money is not really useful in this town." The man said. "If you agree to hang out with us tonight, we will take you to the place indicated on your note."

"Heh? No way!" Ruya stuffed the note back into her pocket and started to walk away. "I prefer not accepting your help. Thank you very much for your time."

"Wait." One guy got hold of her right arm while the other took her left. Ruya could see the beaming white light forming on their other hands. "What… what is that?"

"Are you new here? That's perfect for us." The man on her left exclaimed. "If you disobey us, you will have to try the awesomeness of my light magic."

Magic? You've got to be kidding me! Ruya struggled in their grip and bit one of the hands holding her. The man gave out a cry as he loosen his grip and Ruya bit the other hand as she made her way free from the two guys.

"Damn…" The guy holding the light ball cast the energy towards Ruya. The speed of light was so fast that Ruya didn't have time to realize her situation. She just dropped to the ground as fast as she could and heard a loud blast above her. Looking up, the place where a wall had been was replaced by a large hole.

"I must say that I am impressed for you dodging my attack, but it will not be as easy fro the second time." The light-thrower said with a smirk.

His companion stepped out. "Hey, Hino, let me play the second round."

"Sure. She's all yours if you can get her in one hit."

What troublesome guys she had met! Ruya started to run at full speed away from the danger she had set herself in.

She could hear the evil laughs of the guys behind her and their crazy screams. "Run while you can! Your speed can never beat the speed of light! Here I come!"

Ruya jumped to her right as she heard the guy behind her finished his sentence. The only thing she hoped was that the light magic he cast follows the laws of Physics, and that is, light only travels in a straight line.

The law of Physics saved her. She knew it as soon as she saw the tree ahead which was aligned with her previous running path got hit with a blow of light and fell down.

Wow… she would become ashes if hit.

Ruya quickly turned around the nearest corner she could reach, and her turn was followed by the numerous blasting sounds behind her. She did not dare to turn around and check out the damage done to the surroundings. All she could care for was to run for her life.

"Hey there!" Ruya heard the voice of the two men behind her again. "Do you think you can escape from the attacks of the great Mihara brothers?"

The guys ran after her, with a faster speed with was very reasonable. They were guys, and had larger sizes than hers, and they had not been using much energy aside from throwing light balls at her.

Why on earth do I have to meet such people? Ruya thought to herself as she kept running, hoping to see another turn soon. And these streets are really long!

After the last corner she turned, Ruya realized that fate was really playing with her. She stopped at once and looked at the tall stone wall before her.

She had run into a dead end.

"Caught ya, girl." The shadows of the guys were enlarging from the corner of the dead alley and Ruya saw the smirking faces of the two people again. They were holding a larger light ball, and prepared to attack at any time.

Wait… A thought suddenly came to Ruya's mind. If I am invited to this town, that means I can use magic too! Ruya tried to concentrate her thoughts and stared at her hand. There was silence for a few seconds as the guys looked at her strange actions, then nothing happened.

"Arghhh! How are you supposed to use magic!?' Ruya cried out loud as she scratched her head and messed up her hair. She was too confused and frightened to keep her cool.

The guys stared at her blankly at her scream, but laughed to themselves as they realized what was happening.

"You have never used magic before, have you?" One of them asked. "You cannot just blurt it out suddenly. Be obedient and come with us before we decide to cast this energy at you."

Ruya gulped, but did not say a word. Her legs stiffened as she saw the guys getting closer.

The guys walked towards her, their faces grinning devilishly.

As they stretched out their hands and were about to grab Ruya, a dark energy ball coming from nowhere blasted them off with a loud explosion.

Ruya shaded her face from the explosion, but she felt someone caught her by the waist and herself floating in the air before crashing onto something soft. She opened her eyes and found herself lying on top of somebody.

The 'somebody' pushed her aside, got up and brushed his coat. Ruya could see that he was wearing a black suit and coat with white laces around the collar, sleeves and pockets. He had short deep blue hair and an earring clipped to his left ear. Ruya was behind him so she could not see his face.

The two guys from earlier was seen embedded into a wall on the other side of the street. The wall was half-smashed and the guys had their hands bleeding heavily. They got out from the wall and positioned themselves, facing the 'somebody'.

"Who are you to interfere with our business?" One of the guys asked, despite his heavy bleeding and gasping.

"It is not important to know my name." He took out a badge from his coat pocket and the guys looked at it as if it was a bomb.

"The… the Royale Academy badge!?"

Without saying a further word, the two of them hopped to their feet and ran away as fast as they could.

Ruya blinked at their sudden departure.

"Are you alright?" The 'somebody' held out his hand and Ruya took it gracefully, trying to get up.

"Thanks… thank you very much, erm, … I am Ruya, Ruya Saki. May I ask what your name is?" Ruya blushed as she said shyly.

"Ki Hiwatari." The boy answered in a toneless voice. "Are you new here?"

"Erm… actually, yes. I received a letter." Ruya took out a letter.

"From the academy?" The boy sounded surprised. "Well then, the academy is two blocks after you turn left at the corner there."

"Thanks!" Ruya rushed towards the direction Ki indicated. She arrived at a street named Arashi Street.

Finally I have found you! She almost hugged the sign post to show her joy. Ruya counted the numbers as she walked along the street and stopped at a large gate with the number 397 in golden letters.

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