Author's Note: A pretty short chapter this time... Ki will be leaving the school, but why is he telling Ruya? I have no idea XD Story ending in 3 chapters! I am excited :D

Chapter 84 Farewell

I will be taking the graduation exam together with the seniors next week.

The words hit Ruya as if she had fallen into a never-ending pit. "Are… You… You are kidding me, right?" Ruya's voice trembled. "Hiwatari-kun should be graduating next year, shouldn't you? Don't we still have one year together in this academy?"

"I am not kidding," he answered seriously, "and I don't want to waste one more year in this school with nothing more to gain."

Ruya sniffed, and water droplets began to roll down her cheeks. On seeing this, Ki felt hurt. It was as if he himself was stabbed, and that was the first time he had that feeling. He did not understand, he did not understand at all.

"You don't have to cry," Ki said calmly in his usual voice, "it is not a big deal anyways."

"It is." Ruya answered.

"Huh?" Ki looked surprised, as if he did not hear what she said.

"I said 'it is a big deal'!" Ruya shouted. "Do you know the reason why I am in this academy, struggling to improve my stupid magic abilities? It is because you are here, and the first time you taught me magic you told me I would be able to master it! And now you are going away! Do you know how I will feel?"

"Of course I don't," he answered, almost immediately, "if you don't tell me." He walked closer and put a hand on her shoulder, his expression more gentle. "I guess I know why dad is interested in you. You are someone that his son could never be: energetic, reckless, impulsive, clumsy, stupid, a crybaby,.."

"Hey," Ruya interrupted him and rubbed her eyes. "Aren't the last few adjectives not for praising someone?"

Ki smiled. "Although you have a lot of flaws, you stick to your ideals. You are brave to speak out what you think and act naturally." He patted her softly on the head. "If you want to see me again, work hard and come out to the city. I will be waiting for you then."

"Hiwatari-kun…" Streams of water kept flowing out from her eyes. Ruya wiped her eyes with her sleeves repeatedly, until they are all wet.

"That's enough crying already." Ki said, looking annoyed as he swiped his index finger slowly across her face. "To tell you one thing, I don't like girls who cry." He smiled.


One week passed very swiftly, before Ruya realized, she was already standing in the grand hall with the other students, witnessing the graduation ceremony of the seniors. She was surprised that Toshino, Aritaka and Keiji were also up on the stage with Ki. Complex feelings were flowing inside her body. She did not know whether she should feel glad for them or sad for herself. For one more time, Ruya made up her mind that the only thing she could do was to work harder.

None of the guys from the Light Department had said anything to Ruya, so she was completely speechless when it came to the time for their departure.

All the students of the academy gathered at the main gate, sending off their seniors. Toshino and Yuu hugged each other tightly. Many students were exchanging wishes and farewells.

"Hiwatari-kun…" Ruya eyed the blue haired boy for the last time before he and the other students got on the bus, taking them away from the academy. She could not hold her urge to cry any longer. She tried to wipe away her tears as soon as they were felt at the tip of her eyes, but no matter how many times she brushed her sleeves across her face, her eyes kept getting wet.

"We will meet again, Hiwatari-kun."

Slowly, the bus moved away from the station, and soon afterwards not the slightest trace of dust was left behind. Ruya turned around and walked back towards the Main Building, passing many other students who were still unwilling to leave the spot.

The Main Building was very quiet. It was completely desserted since everyone was out. Ruya took small steps along the stone paved floor, and touched the cold stone walls gently with her hand while she walked. Her mind began to remember the pieces of memory she had inside this building, both happy and sad ones.

Ruya turned around a corner into a lecture hall. The lights were not on, so she could only see the dim outline of the desks and chairs within. She remembered the first time she practiced energy concentration in this hall a year ago. That was the first time she had ever started to seriously learn magic, and now she had already completely mastered energy concentration.

Ruya smiled weakly as she looked out the window. "I wish you are here to give me advice on my skills, Hiwatari-kun…"

"Ruya-chan!" Two heads popped out from the door and her best friends appeared.

"We saw you left the crowd earlier," Sayuki began, "so we came to find you."

"I hope you are still okay?" Mayu asked.

"I am fine, guys," Ruya rubbed her eyes and turned around. She forced herself to smile, and to be cheerful.

Sayuki and Mayu sighed, "It's okay, Ruya-chan. You can cry if you want to. Now that everyone's gone, we will be here to protect our Ruya-chan."

"Thank you very much!" Ruya ran across the hall and embraced her friends, sobbing loudly while they comforted her.