He goes digging into
Pretty girls' lives
Never promising a thing
Mouthing unspoken words
Sweet nothings rolling
Off of his tongue like
He really means it this time

He strolls the streets of
Mystery driving all
Those around him into a
Strange emotion of infatuated
Hate and intriguing love
Not even pretending to
Be perfect though that
Assumption wears him like
A favorite jacket

Some say he is too good but
I already know he's lost
Drowning in not quite lies
One night goodbyes
Living life like he has some
Sort of control over it all
When actions and consequences
Aren't always so black and white

He says he can't get hurt
Again because it nearly killed
Him last time and this time it
Is just so easy because
Heartless desires of flesh and
Fingertips is only chemistry
Moving his hands along the
Dotted lines he's traced more
Than a thousand times

Starry nights and raindrops
Don't remind him of anyone
In particular
Because there have just been
So many these days he
Never flirts he only speaks
Words like poetry dripping
Everygirlsdream from his
Tongue and pushing them into
My mouth

He's empty now and it
Feels so good that love
Was never there and lust
Is what he lives for just to
Manipulate the situation so
He can win again not really
Aware of everyone who is
Losing what once was so dear

I wish I could call him evil and
Drive scarring words into
His skin until he screams to
The heavens begging for something
Kind of like forgiveness maybe
But it isn't that I'm too weak or
That I still almost love what's that again?
No, I can't make him know
Someday he will end up feeling
So alone because he took too much
And never gave

I may have lost the battle
But no one wins this war