Most dreams don't come true. There are not any fairy tales and nothing ever ends up "happily ever after". No! The real world hurts. Tears of anger are constant and cloudless days are few and far between. If there was ever going to be a happy time, I doubt it would happen in high school. Not when you're someone like me; good things don't happen to me. Then again, I could be overreacting as I tend to do sometimes.

In high school there are two types of girls, the 'IT' girl; the girl that everyone wants to be friends with. She's the star girl that knows it all and has everything she could ever want with out breaking a sweat. People look up to girls like that to be the one in the know and are always there to brighten the lives of the lesser ones. And then, there are the best friends to the 'IT' girls. They are the props in the background that are always there in their silent martyrdom. They are the girls who watch without a single word as their star best friends steals yet another victory from them. That girl is me.

All my life I have chosen the role of second place. When all you've known is second place, you get use to it. The title doesn't sting as much as it use to after a few years. You seem to realize that it is never going to change. But I'm not a total loser like some so-called best friends. It doesn't stick out as much in my case that I'm living my life in the shadows of my best friend, Sophie. Yet, I'm trapped behind her, while she is on center stage.

I know this might sound depressing, and to some extent it really is. Tragic even. But I'm use to it. Or at least, I was. Hey, life's tough, but most times people like me-second placers- don't even realize what they're missing out on. Second place is good, some people aren't as fortunate, but why settle for less when you're one step away from that ultimate coveted spot. Recently, I've captured that goal; for once, for one brief yet magical moment, I was the superstar shining brightly. I've seen what glory is like, and I can't stand to go back now. Once you've experienced it for yourself, it hard to let go of that magic.

Unlike what I mentioned before, sometimes dreams do come true. I told you I overreact, but really, fantasy can become reality. It can really happen, and not just in your dreams. Second- placers can break out of their shell and become the 'IT" girl; or boy. Life shouldn't be set in stone; we all possess the power to change our social status, regardless of whatever shadow you might be stuck in. Sophie may be a slightly self absorbed-self centered-diva, but she's still my best friend; she should be able to understand what I am feeling. Either way, we all have birthday candle wishes and shooting star dreams that can come true. All you need is a little luck to get you there and all you have to do it believe, and when you do find the hope in the darkness of your mind, the emptiness of your life doesn't feel so strange.