"I-I don't really know about this."
"Shh, just relax, let me take care of everything." With one hand gently resting behind his lover's neck, the other in the small of his back, Jesse guided Daniel to the bed, easing him back upon the sheets. For a moment his breath was stolen, looking down at the angel before him, his skin creamy and soft, gently resting against the satin sheets. His golden locks fanned out like a halo upon the pillows, his gentle eyes watching each one of his movements, so trustingly. So beautiful. How could he withhold his touch from this beauty, as the nerves got better of his little cherub, and his arms were stretched out, beckoning to him? Jesse could not help but succumb to this little gesture of wanting, folding himself down into the embrace, laying their bodies together. Not another couple could ever fit so well, he mused to himself, feeling the giddy little tremors of his lover, about to embark on his first homosexual erotic encounter. His hands lowered and caressed, brushing his fingertips along the inside of Daniel's upper thigh, circling back as he felt the soft tickle of his lower hair. "Oh Danny, my beautiful, sexy boy." The little cherub beneath him flushed a sweet red, and his lips were drawn to that trembling mouth. Their kiss started slow, the tender caress of lips together. But as they progressed, it deepened, crushed together, tongues entwining as hands began to rove. Daniel was panting, his lithe chest rising and falling as his hands drew up, around Jesse's shoulders, his fingers digging, clinging to his body.
"Ah, Jesse. More."And how could he not comply, crushing their mouths together, letting his hands slip south. He could feel the subtle rise of his lover's hips beneath his hand, feeling the light pulse beat in Daniel's inner thigh. A weak mewl sounded in his ears, and he knew his lover was ready. Sliding his hand between Daniel's legs, Jesse nursed his swelling erection between his fingers, caressing and rubbing at the tender flesh. Daniel gasped, his hips rolling up, pressing against Jesse's touch, urging him on without words. Yes, he did want this, he wanted more. And now.

Sliding down over his lover's body, Jesse marked his way with kisses, pressing his lips against the soft nub of Daniel's nipple, sucking a little harder, the other caught between his thumb and forefinger. Daniel jerked slightly, the combination of the nipple play and the persistence of Jesse's hand upon his aching groin were slowly starting up his nerves. He could feel Jesse's member pressed against his thigh, wondering when and how, without stimulation, the other young man had become aroused. Was it because of him? He hoped so, another breathy moan passing his lips without warning, as Jesse relented from his chest, and had moved to delve his tongue within his navel. The touch shocked him, sparking a fire within the pit of his belly that sounded out towards his cock, held so expertly by his lover. He'd never thought he could feel so good, his previous sexual encounters with women never resulting in this kind of tingle, this kind of excitement.
"Ah-hah. Jess," Jesse lifted his head, watching as Daniel's eyes fluttered closed, his cheeks flushed with the heat of wanting. A small trickle of sweat ran down from Daniel's hairline, snaking its way down his throat. Jesse lurched himself upwards to lap it away, before slowly working his way back down, lowering himself to allow Daniel's erect cock to rub along his taught belly as he moved. His young lover opened his mouth, a heavy breath passing in and out; soft mewls ripped unawares from his throat. Jesse felt his own body swelter, the simple look of his lover, his hands entwining in the sheets, his feet braced, knees bent a little, was enough to draw him into wanting. He wanted to move forward, to thrust himself into Daniel's heat, but he knew he couldn't just yet, wanting to cause his lover the least pain as possible for his first time. The next time, they could play.

"Jesse!" His name was yelped; Daniel's body arching and jerking into a sitting position as he looked down at the young man crouched between his legs, his kiss swollen lips wrapped around the head of his cock. "Jesse, ah- no." Jesse glanced up at his lover as he felt the soft touch of his lover's hands running through his hair, despite himself pushing Jesse further onto his cock. He didn't mind, running his tongue along the underside of Daniel's engorged member, feeling the heated flesh jerk and twitch in his mouth. Jesse bobbed his head, feeling the smooth flesh dipping against the back of his throat. He swallowed, his throat contracting around Daniel's cock, the younger of the two men throwing his head back with a cry, his fingers digging into Jesse's scalp. A small purr rumbled in Jesse's throat, heightening into a growl to stimulate his young lover further. "Oh god. Jesse. Nnngh." The creamy thighs beside his head were trembling, muscles tightening; Jesse could tell Daniel was getting closer to his point of climax. Lifting his mouth away from Daniel's cock, Jesse lapped at a stray trail of saliva, watching his lover. The pink flush on his cheeks had deepened, trailing down over his neck to the rise of his collar bone. His whole body was trembling, chest heaving. Time to show him something new. Slipping his finger into his mouth, Jesse moistened the digit, removing it with a flourish. Daniel watched with his heavy lidded eyes as the slick finger was moved between his legs, feeling it brush against the tightly puckered muscles of his backside. "No, Jess." He panted, shaking his head in a weak protest.
"Trust me Danny. I'll treat you good." Daniel gave, letting his head flop backwards as Jesse wiggled his finger in. A soft hiss of surprise whistled through his teeth as he felt the invasion pressing deeper inside, surprised how easily it passed now. "How does it feel?" Jesse purred, still pumping his free hand along Daniel's erection, hoping to drown out any discomfort with a constant stream of pleasure. Jesse wiggled his finger deeper, stroking his fingertip along the wall of Daniel's colon, aiming for his prostate.

"Oh fuck!" Jesse jerked his head up, watching as Daniel curled over again, his whole body rocking hard. He'd never heard his lover swear like that before; it sent a chill of excitement through his groin."Oh, please Jess. Please, there. Again." Jesse grinned, obeying as he stroked his finger back and forward over his lover's little sweet spot, watching as Daniel jerked and writhed. Daniel's hands swept through his hair, holding onto the back of Jesse's head, desperate for the contact between them, wanting to hold on. Jesse lifted himself up, releasing Daniel's cock and wrapping his arm around his waist, pressing gentle kisses to his taught belly, feeling his muscles flex and tighten. "Jess. I'm coming. Oh God I'm-"

Tobias jerked, dropping his pen and splattering ink over his page as the phone next to him sounded. "Aw, dammit." He grumbled, shifting the page away and picking up the phone receiver with his only three clean fingers, pressing it to his ear. "Tobias speaking."
"MERRICK!" Tobias tore the phone from his ear, holding it at least three inches from his head, and still able to hear the high pitched banter of his editor.
"Maggie." He replied affectionately, waiting for the woman on the other end to calm down before he put the phone back close enough to talk. "I told you its Tobias. Merrick is my pen name." It was useless really arguing with this woman, the main reason she was so good at her job was because she rarely, if ever, took no for an answer. "What can I do to help you?" Tobias pressed the phone between his ear and his shoulder, cleaning his ink stained hand on an old dishrag, dabbing lightly at the large splodge of colour on his paper. Perhaps he really should stick with a normal ball point pen, or maybe upgrade to a laptop. But then he would lose the feeling of his work.
"I'm just wondering how this next story of yours is going on." Tobias looked down at the mass of paper strewn about his desk, hundreds of crumpled papers brimming in his trash can, and many more scattered about the room.
"It's going as it's always gone." Tobias said solemnly into the phone, rolling his eyes. It was always this way, always this same question and always the same answer. "It will be finished when it's finished." Tobias added on to the end, to shake it up a little. A soft peal of laughter echoed through into his ear.
"That's good to hear Hun. We can't keep the public waiting; everyone is wanting to read more after the success of this last book. I've got a copy of it here with me. It's gorgeous Merrick, it really is." "It's called 'Flushed Flesh' that's hardly gorgeous." Tobias couldn't stifle the sigh rising through his throat, glancing across his desk to the small digital clock. It was the early hours of the morning, the sun would be rising in a matter of hours and then he would have to remain awake and bright for the rest of this god forsaken day. Curse creative hours being in the middle of the night, Tobias mused, leaning back and slouching down in his chair. "Merrick? Merrick are you still there?" Tobias rubbed his eyes.
"Yes, I'm still here."
"Good. Good. So, how are the juices flowing?"
"Which juices?" Tobias snapped back with a sly undertone.
"Which ever juices make your work the best smut on the shelves, Hun. I honestly don't care. But I want to read some of this new project by Monday." Tobias grunted a vague response back down the phone.
"You know that I have a difficult schedule Maggie." Her bell like laugh rang back at him.
"Merrick Camui, number one author of homoerotica, I keep forgetting you moonlight as a high school teacher." Tobias couldn't help but laugh as well. When you said it like that it really did sound and stupid as it was. A high school English teacher writing about young men having sex. "Alright then Merrick, I'll give you two weeks. Then I want it on my desk. And please type it up; it's a little difficult to read your curly handwriting." Tobias smiled.
"Yes boss. You'll get it by then." The phone clicked dead with a sense of finality. Grating his chair back from his desk, Tobias stood, sweeping his long locks of hair back from his face, tying it back into a loose tail. He should get to sleep, he mused with a tired yawn, scuffing the papers into a loose stack and tucking them into the top drawer. Stumbling down the hallway to his bedroom, Tobias collapsed face first onto his mattress, rolling over with a grunt. Tomorrow was the first day of the new semester, which meant new topics and new little dipshits to teach. And then at the end of it all he would come home, and sit down, and write more smut for Maggie and the rest of the salivating public.


"Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, Students, Teachers and Parents to another fine year at Ferowood. Last year we said goodbye to some of our best and brightest students, who are now moving on into the world to pursue the best careers for them. This year we have taken in almost twice as many young faces, who will make up our lively year eight students." The start of year was always the same. The first formal assembly to address new students and nervous parents, to introduce new teachers and set school rules. It didn't really change from year to year, Tobias mused from his chair to the right of the central principal's podium. They really should just take the new kids aside and tell them all of this, and let the others get their happy and shrieking greetings out of the way.
'Oh god I haven't seen you in aaaaaages!'
'What have you been doing?'
'I missed you so much.' Those high pitched voices still seemed to ring through his ears. He would never get used to being deafened on the first day.

"Just a little bit of housekeeping before we start classes. The south end of the library is undergoing some renovations; we would like to ask students to stay away from the construction site until it is deemed safe. Also, we would like to welcome back one of our English teachers who had taken a semesters leave last year, Mr. Tobias Hyde." Tobias cringed at the customary giggles from the elder students. Mr. Hyde, as he was recognised in the school community. He much preferred his first name thank you. Uncrossing his legs, the teacher obediently stood as the principle gestured to where he was sitting, displaying himself for the new students and anal retentive parents to get a good look at him. With his black academic gown brushing at his heels, Tobias had to admit he felt like he had just walked into the school dressed as Batman. He was young for a teacher, entering into his fourth year at this school at a nice round age of 28. For today he was dressed well, black polished shoes, dress pants, a shirt that actually buttoned up right to the stiff starched collar. But he'd undo it once the assembly was over. A nervous mother in the front row cupped her hand around her mouth, whispering to a man presumed to be her husband. Yeah, he knew. He didn't look like a teacher. His chocolaty hair was long enough to brush his shoulder blades, despite being tied back. He wore silver rings on his fingers, he tucked his hands into his gown's sleeves, and his fingernails were still painted black. Beneath his shirt, his back was inked in a tattoo, and behind his hair, his ears were pierced. He'd have to remove those before class started. The only really thing teacherly about him were the small eyeglasses perched on the bridge of his nose, the thin frames only wide enough to encase the border of his eyelashes, which seemed to enhance the deep green of his eyes. Resigning himself to the principle's list of suitable school attire, Tobias sat back down, folding his arms loosely across his stomach, casting his gaze across the sea of faces. Some people he recognised with a smile, others he wished would just piss off, and the never ending stretch of new people. This would be interesting.

Homeroom always started the day, a 20 minute session before first period where a collection of students from each year would be bundled together, and forced to listen to him read out the daily notices, before going back to chatting, or cramming for that first period test. Wandering into the room, which was also the room he taught English in, Tobias wrinkled his nose at the decoration on the pin up boards. Which pansy had done that? He mused, going around and taking away the girly boarders, looking over the few examples of students' work which had been on display. So what had they been doing while he was gone? Chucking the trash in the bin, Tobias sat down at his desk, removing the rings from his fingers, and the earrings from his ears, tucking them away in a pocket from his satchel. Undoing the top button of the collar, Tobias leant back in his chair, viewing the clock above his head upside-down. Five minutes until the bell, another three until students rocked up, and another ten until the new kids finally found their way to the room. Then another 2 minutes to force them to introduce themselves, before they scampered off to their next classes.

True to form, the bell sounded as his watch ticked over, the sounds of people chattering running through the halls as kids gathered up their books and moved, albeit slowly on to their home rooms. Tobias watched passively as the door to his room opened, and the small flood of students rushed in.
"Hey guys. Did you miss me?" Tobias stood, moving over to the forming group of students, who laughed and chattered, asking him about where he had been.
"The other teacher we had was really boring. She didn't let us talk."
"Technically you're supposed to learn in school." Tobias amended, smiling. The girl who had spoken, Maria, just stuck her tongue out. They were used to his lax sense of discipline when it regarded school rules. School was just as much a time to meet people and make friends as it was to learn.
"Yeah, but she was still cruel." Tobias recognised the voice coming through the door, observing the tall and lanky blonde boy, who was pushing a rather smaller student into the room.
"Tim!" Tobias outstretched hand, which the student happily high fived. "Who have you brought with you?"
Tim nodded his head down at the first year. "This is Zachary. Yeah?" he double checked. The small kid nodded his head. "He's in with us. Asked me where the room was, so I thought it would be easier if I showed him." Tobias grinned.
"What a lovely thought Tim, golden stars for you." Tim just rolled his eyes, and swerved around the teacher to greet the rest of his peers.
"So what have you been doing Tobias?" Another one of the boys asked, looking like he was eating m'n'm's out of a packet surreptitiously stuffed in his pocket.
"Yeah, why did you leave?"
"I wanted to try my hand at writing a book." Tobias replied with a smug grin, leading to his students presuming he was just being an ass again. Tim just pointed at him and laughed. Oh if only they knew how many books he had already published. In fact, no, he didn't want them to know. His books were not for students to read. "I got up to 'The cat got off the mat', realised I was crap and had to come back to teach you guys." They just laughed at him harder.
"Best stick to your day job then!"
"Mr. Hyde?" The kid called Zach addressed him. Tobias turned, kicking a chair out from under a desk for the kid to sit on. The first year looked at it, and then obediently sat down. Ah, first years. No personality.
"Call me Tobias. It's less embarrassing for the both of us." Tobias grinned. "Should I call you Zachary or Zach?"
"Um. Ok. Zach. Tobias?" Tobias couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, trying not to laugh at the poor kid.
"Where is the closest bathroom?" Tobias couldn't help but give way to laughter.