Upon Paper Wings

With your utopia of a home
You live in your solid world of black and white
Inside your square box of a mind,
Pricking and poking your mind with pins and needles
Just so you can watch the pain drip away
And wallow in the misery
And sympathy of others.

Why do you treat yourself so? Open your eyes!
Of course you can't see anything with them shut like that.
You complain that you have nothing,
That your life has been compacted into one of those
One-Size-Fits-Nobody life vests,
And chucked, with you chained in tow,
Into the river of life
That pulls at your heart and mind and body

Just float with it.

Let yourself be carried by the current,
Cradled in its curious embrace.
Watch the fairies' lights dance in the transparent water.
Shut out the darkness
Lying coiled outside your window
Python-cold and scaled in stars,
It will not bite you if you don't bait it.

A/N: Just a little frustration I've been feeling lately toward Emo people (that I attempted to stuff poetically into words)