Cherry Stem

Lines of poetry smooth over her pout
Sheltering her from the oncoming drought
She'll be missing this by the end she knows
Through and through all the laughter goes
Giving way to snapping back
Keeping her on her toes and aware of all she lacks
Too much lined up upon this barren thread
It's keeping her aware of all that's dead

Time waves her away with a vehement smile
She's been working so hard for all these miles
Even as she sobs amongst this hallow
The fishes swim past the shallows
Water cold and tickling, fleeting across her ankles
It steers her hopes away and mangles
Won't ever let her forget all she's been after
The stars gleam but yet they falter

She can't begin to make her way
The days distort and oh, how they sway
These lines break down upon her lips
The corners turn and the corners rip
Something itching against her collar and she can't escape
The world bends forwards and leaves her agape
It doesn't seem fair
How none of this can begin to compare

To everything that's lost