My life is a stream of
Music flowing across
A ripped piano staff
Notes overlapping
Running off the page
Creating a symphony of
Distorted destruction

Slowly I fall across the
Worn out keys to play
My faded, broken song
Starting out slow with
A sad rhythm pulsing
As my fingers caress
Ivory and black dreams
Rising noises pounding
Through my bloodstream

A new melody rising from
Fingertips and kissing the
Air thickening my breath
And sinking into my lungs
Unknown lyrics grazing
My lips slicing away at
Angels wings and stained
Glass windows breaking
Into shards of dissatisfaction

My foot taps across the
Pedal and chords fling
Crashing into each other
And slowly the highest
C pulls and steel deforms
All too suddenly shuttering
Snapping like a bone
Under the greatest pressure

This uninspired song creating
A domino effect of chaotic
Dissonances ringing in my
Ears until the last copper
Cord breaks away and an
Unnatural deaf silence
Vibrates across my body

Cracked piano keys are
Tainted a filthy burgundy
Wine red flowing from
Death kissed mouth