I Like the Rain

And it'll be so long before I can hear this song without thinking of you

I remember

Yes I remember

And I have to remember it's okay to be hated

And I have to remember it's okay to hate you

That in the end some things never change

And one day the end will come

The changes will die

And everything will go back to the way it was

What am I thinking?

My head's sore and empty and filled with rust

Dust, moths and moldy plasters

It's time to get out of these April showers

And time to do some spring cleaning

I still hurt

But it won't last

I'm growing older, growing wiser

And I am strong

I can withstand these showers

And I'm going to dance in the rain

This is me

And it's okay

I've drowned in sorrow

I've felt my pain

But in the end

It'll all come right again

And it's okay if you hate me

Cause I'm not on your side anymore

This is me

And it's okay

To be a little weird

Because is there a single girl in the world

Who sees things the way I do?

It's okay

Members of the fan club will not agree with me

Empty smiles

"Hello, how are you?"

And we secretly wish you would die under a rock, tick-tock

And in secret, we can't wait to talk about…me

I watch those girls and I'm all alone

And I wish I was like them

They might be putrid

But they still have everything I ever wanted

What I am feeling?

My heart's been taken in so easily

And it's oh so hard to think

But I know I can make it cause I don't fake it

All this hatred inside of me

Gone away