My Boyfriend's Girlfriend

By Shades of Autumn

Started 23-4-2007


There are certain mysteries of life that are insolvable.

This was what I thought as my head made a resounding hard "thwack" against the hard wood door of my school's entrance.

"Crap." The mutter was the exact echo of every other single day, as were the curious glances and muffled giggles. I didn't even dare looking up; tucking my thick fringe behind my ear, I grasped the right handle and gratefully let myself into the cursed building.

"Hey, Morgana!" Donna nods. I smile back. Donna is one of those people who you can never figure out. To this day, I don't know if all her little kindnesses were because she genuinely liked me, or because she's just nice like that.

Taking a deep breath, I swept into the library and scanned the computers hastily for signs of life. There are over twenty computers in this most favorite of rooms, but one or two are ("MINE, BITCH!") and there are never enough.


I can't control my exclamations. Perhaps that's why I'm not "cool". There were only a few people there, it being first period on a Monday that was grey and dismal and useless for most. As I triumphantly sat down to my second favorite screen, I ruminated on the greyness and uselessness of life in general. This was done quite cheerfully, the realms of teenage angst being far behind me now – not quite far enough to expel completely from my oh-so-sophisticated-sixth-form mind, but still long ago enough to look upon with an aura of disgust and faint distain.

Perhaps I should explain what this seemingly pointless waffle is all about. This is the story of how I survived. Mark my words, it's not the story of how I fought, or conquered, or lived, or studied.

It's the story of how I survived.