Here is my second short short story, if you haven't read Lost in this Moment it is better if you have

This song is Bon Jovi's song You Want To Make a Memory

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How's your life it's been a while

Hitting the enter button Cady smiled. She had just completed her first real article for Vogue. It was edited, proofed and ready for print. Clicking a few more buttons she checked her email. And there in her inbox was a name she hadn't talked about since college. With much trepidation she opened the email hoping it would be worth reading.

Cady had gone to a prestigious university after high school. There she flourished. She played a sport, maintained amazing grades and managed to write for the school's literary magazine. It had become her dream to write for a magazine like Glamour or Vogue.

Annie, Starla and Cady had managed to stay friends through time, bad break ups and international travel. Currently all three girls lived in Manhattan. Cady and Starla were roommates and Annie had recently gotten married.

After scanning the email Cady nervously replied. Taking a few controlling breaths she then called Starla for advice. First she summarized the email she had received, then her reply. Starla as always reacted passionately. She was excited, nervous and proud of Cady's collected response. She quickly directed her friend to get her butt home and get ready.

God it's good to see you smile

Tugging on the hem of her dress Cady stepped into the art exhibit. A young and hip still artist was having his first viewing tonight. This artist had been tremendously successful in LA and then in London. Now he was showing in SoHo. Cady was here to write about him.

All of his work was of a young woman. She had flawless features but what stood out the most were her emotions. The first painting was of a temperamental woman. She was dipping one foot into the ocean while, the other was firmly on the dock. Next was a shy girl half hidden by the branches of a weeping willow. And thirdly was a sad woman looking over shoulder as she walked away. Cady's smile reflected the one on canvas; wistful. The picture was familiar.

Cady pulled a small notebook out of her purse and quickly began recording what she saw; from art to people. She was so consumed in her work she didn't notice the artist approach. It was funny, the last time he had been this nervous around her, she had been watching his every move. Now, he was practically sneaking up on her.

I see you reaching for your keys

He had watched her from the second she entered the exhibit. She still had that graceful sway to her hips and that purposefulness to every action. It was hard for him not to go and greet her right away. However, he had to wait. She needed to see the painting. Many times she had posed for him, never really being herself. But that day he had captured her true feelings. That day she left.

When he saw her start to write swiftly he knew she wanted to leave. He knew she recognized the scenes, the emotions, the dresses. She wanted to escape before she had to face him. That could not happen. Like a wolf stalking his prey, he approached silently and unwatched. He surprised her with his hoarse whisper.

Looking for a reason not to leave

That sexy voice brought back so many memories. The fun times: hanging out at the dock and just being together. The moments when he made her feel so small and overwhelmed. But the strongest memory was her walking away. Cady could still hear Josh telling her to come back. And here he was seducing her with his voice again.

Cady looked down at her notebook. She had all the information she needed to write an article on Josh and his work. She didn't need to stay. But part of her didn't want to leave. Seeing everything Josh knew about her hanging on the walls was overwhelming. Wasn't that enough to have a true relationship?

Josh could see that Cady was struggling with his presence. Taking advantage of her distracted state, he directed her past the rest of the paintings. He took her to the last piece of art in the exhibit. It was a painting unlike any he had painted before. There was a man and a woman sitting on a corner of a soccer field kissing.

The setting was very familiar to Cady; it is where her first kiss with Josh took place. In fact when she looked closely she realized that it was her and Josh kissing. This was a picture of their first kiss. The only difference was the diamond ring on her finger in the painting.

Cady turned to Josh wondering why he made the obvious mistake. As she did so, Josh pulled a velvet box out of the pocket of his sports coat. He held it out to her. Not waiting for any words or to see what was in the box, Cady kissed him. This time though, it wasn't a brush of the lips. This kiss was rough and passionate, filled with every emotion Josh ever made Cady feel. The strongest emotion was unbridled love.