hot boybreath against the tender peach fuzz of my cheeks,
the scraping of my teeth cleans their lips, their face.
ohoh, moan names (truly doesn't matter whose). LordGod
seems to be fantastic on your body (the christians would be scandalized)
but christians never feel so goddamn hot.
toys are truly meant for the dirtygirls (they taught us early)
and dirtygirls knows how to play hard (i may be tiny
but i promise my stamina will outrun you).
enter into me
ply me to the headboard, onetwothree beats – a nice staccato
of ohfuckohgodohfuck then a hazy breath –
matched with hazy scribbles by fingernails on pale paperflesh backs.
my legs (parentheses) grip your (unwritten) body (come ons) tightly,
i harbor them in my folds (envelopes).
you place a trail of unsaid words across the rigidness of my neck;
they burn – lemony acidic – sweetly into my soul
(they tell me emotional scars stay longer than physical ones).
as we sing carols to the bodyharmonic and you fall to rest against me –
i kiss your trucker hat and pat the toy.

"girl, you were a lovely game today".