Katrina was laying on her bed, reading, when her computer beeped, telling her she had an IM. Curious to see who it was she walked over to her desk. It was from Katie.

Queenie85: Hey, sup?

FriendY61285: nm u?

Queenie85: same so midwinter breaks comin up...

FriendY61285: yea, in like a month!

Queenie85: you comin home

FriendY61285: idk, y?

Queenie85: just curious, bored. Me and darren broke up

FriendY61285: that sux, so did me and david

Queenie85: yea. So midwinter break?

FriendY61285: when's yours?

Queenie85: February 13 -18 , u?

FriendY61285: same. Maybe u should come here for once.

Queenie85:that'd be cool. What r we gonna do?

FriendY61285: idk, i'll think of something.

Queenie85: k. i'll ask and call you later. How am i gonna get there?

FriendY61285: plane or car.

Queenie85: yea, which is cheaper you think?

FriendY61285: not sure, ask mom

Queenie85: yea, hey i g2g, dinner time, ttyl


Automatic Message: Queenie85 has logged off.

Katrina immediately went downstairs to ask if Katie could come stay with them over midwinter break.

Ashley's yes, was immediately drowned out by Chris's groan. "No not another one of you in the house. One teenage girl is bad enough. Who knows what will happen with two."

Katrina mock glared at him. "Oh shut up. You know you love it. Besides if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't know anything about girls. I mean don't most of the girls you get date you out of pity anyway?" She shrieked as Chris growled and lunged at her playfully.

"Children!" Ashley scolded, but then she smiled, "at least take it outside." Chris picked up a laughing and shrieking Katrina, and tucking her under his arm like a football, ran outside, dodging her fists and feet the best he could along the way.