wild splashes of crimson red


splashes of crimson

red spills and

stains those once pure

white walls of an empty

room. she's desolated

but she's always hid it

well. do you see those tears

she hides behind forced

laughs and empty smiles;

because of you—

your betrayal

and your worthless lies?

(well, do you?)

can you see beyond a

happy façade to the hurt


(well, can you?)

no; no you can not. you—

you turn away from

the hurt; the betrayals

shining in her woeful eyes

and pretend

not to see it all

(don't deny it)

why didn't you just brutally

rip out her fragile heart

and crush it beneath

your soiled

black and red Vans?

(it would have been—

so much kinder;

and less painful)