Grown wings of a fallen angel,

shattered pieces lay on the ground.

I'm cutting my feet of the sharp glass,

but I just don't really care anymore.

So many ways to put myself down,

so many reasons to yell at myself.

I've screamed too many times,

but there's still bubbling rage inside.

Somebody help me through this nightmare.


Broken wings of a fallen angel,

bend and twisted in every such way.

Turn away your disgusted face,

can't bear to look at this site.

Crooked, just ready to snap off,

this lifeline of mine, ready to fail.

Do you feel brainless and dim-witted?

Well you're not the only one.

You're not the only one alone.


Glowing ember wings of a fallen angel,

the shadows cry, they don't want to be mine.

The hollow substance which I wear

upon this hollow face which I have.

Listless and dying, this masquerade,

moulding life into modern art,

an abstract and different sort of piece;

a crystal bowl ready to be smashed

The glowing embers of my mask are ready to burst.