What is wrong with me?

I ask so many times

But I never hear an answer

I just keep waiting

Hoping one day it will come

I must be crazy

Or something near that

Because every time I see you

Something in me trembles

And when I turn the other way…

There is him

And he makes me feel…

He's like the perfect one

The better for me

Then how can it be

That it's your smile that makes me smile

Your eyes that make me tremble

But still I want to please him

I want him to like me

I need him to like me

He means so much…

Whatever I do

I'm thinking of something that would make him smile

But when I look you in the eyes…

All that feeling waves goodbyes

In one second he's no longer in my mind…

But when I look him in the eyes

I want to see him look back

I want him to be the one I can be myself with

I don't know…

I no longer know…

I am so confused!

My world is split in two

Is it him or you?