And even though I know I
Will never see you again
Because I don't think I could
Take another look into those
Lying, dying eyes that scream
Like a little lost boy who can't
Seem to find his way in this chaos
I still can feel your lips tickling
Against my ear and whispering
Notquitesecrets with phrases like

"I love you"


"Till fate allows"

or my most favorite one

"Everything happens for a reason"

Which makes microscopic cuts
In my soul until with every
Subtle movement I take I'm
Suddenly breaking away at the
Seams and no amount of anything
Could cure this disease you
Forced into my flesh with lyrics
"First Day of My Life"
Ringing in the background so
My voice vibrates over the rain that
Soaks into my skin slowly healing
My mind directed toward suicide

Hell has never been so sweet