I'm not alone
With me always is you,
Forever at my side.
We stand together
Two as One.

You will hold
When I let go
I have held
When you let go.

Forever, I will be for you
You will support me
Always at my side
We stand together
Two as One.

It won't change
What is meant
To be
Will be.

We'll stay strong
Your strength along with mine
Keep holding on
We'll make it together.

I don't know
What I would
If I turned around
And couldn't see you.

I've seen others
Less true, than you
It broke my heart
Be careful; I'm fragile.

You are with me
Forever, here with me
I shan't be alone
We stand together
Two as One.

Nothing could ever
Take me from you
I would go through fire,
Sacrifice myself for you.

You are always
At my side
Are you invisible now?
For I can't see you.

Please, Please, Please
Don't let this
The pain, the hurt.

I am a fool
You are less true
Never will I trust
A word said to me.

Nothing you say
Could ever
Bring me back
To you.

A/N: This is a poem about a "friend" that betrayed the true friend. Written from the perspective of the actual true friend.