When you're alive, blood tastes like copper, like the scent of a penny. It feels warm, never hot, never thick and never good. When you're alive, a fresh breeze feels good and chocolate tastes sinful. I no longer taste sin, feel warmth or admire sunsets. I hunger but never feel satisfied, I crave warmth but always feel cold, I ache for pleasure that no companion can give me. I am the undead, I am a vampire.

I spotted her walking through the park on a hot July night. Her skin was pale, even in July, with large breasts, a flat stomach and long flaming red hair. Her lips were turned down in a natural frown and she watched the ground as she stepped. She floated along the sidewalk so elegantly I would have mistaken her for one of us if she didn't smell human. I followed her along the paths, acting as her shadow, until she sat down on the park bench and looked directly at me. I stepped back into the darkness to observe her more closely. She continued to stare at me.

"I see you." She whispered to herself, assuming I couldn't hear her. I had never met a woman who would sit in a park at two in the morning staring at a man she knew was following her. I smiled, baring my fangs, hoping she could actually see me. Her large brown eyes continued to stare at me; I felt so intrigued by this mysterious woman. I walked closer to her still masking myself in the blackness, and brushed her flawless skin with my silver hand. She shivered and turned her head towards my touch. I breathed my cold breath down the back her neck and watched the small bumps appear. I could feel her beginning to worry. She stood up and began to walk home. Her steps were slow and graceful, she didn't want me to know she was frightened but I could smell it - I followed her closely so that she could feel me beside her.

The lights in her house were out as she pulled herself up the lattice on her brick wall. Her long, frail limbs gracefully pulled the weight of her body to the balcony, each placed expertly and routinely in the gaps between the roses.

"Why are you watching her Beau?" Came a familiar voice from behind, Cayla. The human had distracted me so much I didn't even pick up her scent. The rest of the pack couldn't be far behind.

"Yeah Beau, aren't we good enough for you anymore?" Davida added, always the follower of her older sister. Packs never leave home without their leader; I looked around the darkness for Isha. I spotted her leaning against a tree, her black skin barely visible in the shadows. She sauntered towards me.

"So what does this human girl mean to you my dearest Beau?"

"Fuck off Isha. She means more to me than you ever will, but thats not saying much."

"Aww, Bo-Bo," Isha's long nails began to trace patterns on my chest. Her large black eyes looked up into mine, I could smell the human blood on her breath. "You know thats not true baby." I loathed the bitch and her stupid club. I grabbed her hand and squeezed it tightly leaning into her body. The muscles in her body tightened in anticipation of a deep caress.

"Isha," I growled, tightening my grip, my blue eyes flashing red as they meet her black holes. "Touch me again and I'll rip your fingers out of those pretty little hands of yours." She slipped her hand out of mine and took a step back, I could taste her fear. It was rank and cheap.

"Beau," she laughed nervously. I bared my fangs and growled. "Whatever, sooner or later you'll have to come back to your own kind. Traitor." Isha and her gang left me.

I turned my attention back to the beautiful human. She had to be sleeping by now, I wanted to taste her -she would probably taste dark but sweet, the way a real woman should. I walked to the lattice that encompassed her house and placed my thin white hands on the lattice and began to pull myself upwards, stepping in the holes left by this woman's apparent routine of climbing out of her house.

The balcony to her room wasn't difficult to reach. I smoothed my black and silver hair back with my hands, wishing I could see myself in the glass of her balcony doors to check my hair. It made me laugh how human I still acted.

I quietly stepped inside her bedroom, staying in the shadows so she wouldn't see me.