A/N I wrote this a few years ago,'04, when I was fourteen, before realizing how entirely cliche the name "Dante" or the word "Bloodlust", for that matter, are. It probably has influence from Buffy.



"Tap-Tap." Katrina Reynolds woke to the sound of a soft tapping on her scarlet velvet sheathed

window. As she yawned and rose her head, the rapping grew louder, more insistent.

"What is it?" she grumbled, glancing at the digital read-out of her alarm clock. "I'm really not a

3:00 in the morning person." She moved to the large bay window and pulled the heavy fabric

aside, squinting at the sudden glare of the street-light, to reveal two of her best friends standing

on the low first-story roof which slanted to her window. She opened said window.

"Hey, guys, what are you doing here?" she questioned.

"We came to see if you wanted to go – umm, do something." Liam whispered, catching himself.

" At three in the morning?" Kat gazed at her friends wearily.

" Well, yeah." Acacia glared at Liam." You'll see. Can we come in? We're slipping."

"I guess. And you don't have to whisper; Mom went to a convention in Chicago for six weeks."

"That's most of the summer!" realizing what she just said, Acacia climbed in the window,

muttering with fascination, " That's most of the summer."

Kat's mom worked as a fashion designer, which was pretty cool for a sixteen-year-old girl, but

her job took her all over the country- sometimes at inconvenient times. Kat told her buddies to wait

there while she grabbed her favorite outfit—her best-fitting black pants and the red long-sleeved

shirt her mother had designed, and trudged to the bathroom to get ready for… well, whatever it

was. After getting dressed, she tossed her "mmm…donuts " pajamas in the laundry hamper and

applied her usual make-up; clear vanilla-flavored lip gloss and brown glitter eyeshadow, which she

thought complemented her brown eyes and natural jet-black hair, which she brushed, parted

down the middle, and smoothed an all-natural mousse through it.

"So, you guys, what are we going to do?" Kat asked, suppressing another yawn.

" You'll see. Hurry up, we said we'd be there by four." Liam chastised playfully.

Kat began slipping on her high-heeled, leather boots and matching tailored leather jacket. She

thought about the first time she had met Liam and Acacia- when she had moved to Vermont in the

fourth grade. She had, nervous on her first day, tripped down the few steps leading to her new

elementary school. Christophe had leaned down and helped her up, while Liam cried, having seen

blood from her scraped knee, and Acacia (AKA Caci) ran to get the school nurse. Her best friends

still kept most of the same attributes; Christophe calm and controlled, Caci good at doing things

that need to be done, and Liam- Well, Liam was just Liam.

As her friends began to go back through the window, she said, "You know, the front door would

probably be a lot less hassle."

The three friends walked to the corner, and met up with Christophe, one of their other

friends, jumping into the back of his black pickup truck. They drove for a while, and after about

two minutes, they were out of town. There wasn't much town. Eventually, they pulled into the

driveway of a seemingly vacant house that looked like it had last been lived in during the Civil

War. They got out of the truck and walked warily up the few stairs to the front door, afraid they

would fall through the porch at any minute. With Liam , Caci, and Christophe in tow behind her,

Kat pushed open the weather-stained door, creaking all the way.

Kat poked her head in the door and looked in the living room, which looked just as bad as the

outside, save for the new-ish couch and too many people to count sprawled everywhere, even

some she didn't know.

"Happy seventeenth!" they all shouted in unison, followed by whoops and hollers of all of the

football players and cheerleaders who bothered to show, proving that free things got jicks-their

word for Them- somewhat excited; they didn't care it was Kat's birthday, the few that even knew.

" Sodas all around!" Liam, ever the goofball, called, then proceeded to hurl the aluminum

cans at everyone.

After a lot of talking and too many snacks and sodas, the sun began to rise and the crowd

began to thin. Christophe offered to give Kat a ride home, and she consented gratefully, tired of

being on her feet and not in a hurry to walk all the way home.

When they arrived at her house, Christophe walked her to her doorstep and saw to it that she

would be all right alone, making sure that she had his phone number. Everyone thought of him as

the older brother, even though his was just a year older than Kat, because he was exceptionally

responsible for his age. He was always the DD- Designated Driver- around his older friends. She

appreciatively bid him farewell and crawled into her warm, comfy bed and fell into a deep sleep.