Kat and Dante left the mall together, Kat leading. As if he didn't know where she lived. He

chuckled a bit at that, which earned him an odd glance from Kat. Which, of course, made him

laugh harder. He shook his head and waved his hand, dismissing her.

"What is your problem? I'm seriously questioning my decision to let you in my house." She

asked, only slightly mad. He had a cute smile; she wasn't going to stop him from being with her,

nor smiling while he did it. "And your sanity..." she added playfully.

He stopped laughing, but still grinned.

Something glittered in his eyes; something that wasn't the sun, seeing as how it was still cloudy.

He reached out and pushed her slightly.

"Tag." He explained, as if it was obvious, before running ahead of her.

She briefly considered chasing after him, raising her eyebrow, then decided she'd walk behind

until he had to stop for fear of getting lost. Her eyes followed him, however, and he stopped,

walking back toward her.

"You don't wanna play?" He yelled to her, not even out of breath. He reminded her of a puppy,

perhaps a golden retriever. She liked dogs, though. She ignored his question, letting him walk

back to her entirely. She, in turn, tagged him, telling him he was "It." She felt really stupid, but a

game of tag sounded fun after being afraid all day; and, besides, his exhuberance was

contagious. She sprinted off, turning into the park down the street from he house. Kat laughed at

the absurdity of it as she left him behind.

Dante stood there for a few minutes, letting her get fairly far ahead of him. This was one of his

more insane impulses, but, she was playing. As Kat faded out of sight, he dashed after her.

As Kat came upon a scattering of lilac bushed, she stopped behind them to catch her breath.

She peered out from them, towards the way she had come. However, Dante had taken a different

route, and came up behind her. He creeped ever closer, then, as she turned around, started

running again and tackled her playfully, breathing hard for show and to prevent questions.

She was bothered and creeped out at first that he would just tackle her, but as he got up and

helped her up before brushing himself off, she adjusted to the idea. He was a strange one. She

shook her head in amazement as he clarified that that was considered a Tag.

Kat stood there, wondering if Dante was mentally challenged.

He smiled, wondering what she could possibly be thinking.

She checked her butt awkwardly, trying to see if there was any dirt on it.

Dante checked her butt less awkwardly, and for a different purpose. He could definitely see

them being friends.

Kat led the way to her house, letting them in when they got there. She half expected her

wonderful not-ghost to be on her couch, eating popcorn and watching Jon Stewart. But it wasn't.

Apparently, Dante had thought as much, too, and seemed terribly let down. She thought again of

a puppy, and uttered an "Aw."

Dante looked to her questioningly, raising an eyebrow.

Kat smiled, blushed and shook her head.

"I'm the one questioning your sanity now," he explained, insanely, breathtakingly gorgeous.

"Fun, huh?" she asked, raising her chin.

Dante looked at her neck and thought he was going to be ill; her blood pumped steadily through

her jugular, sending a low grumble through his innards. He swallowed hard, then replied with a

weak "yes."

Kat's brow furrowed in worry.

"Is something wrong?" she asked.

He wrenched his look away from her throat, settling on looking just over her head at the clock.

"Your clock's wrong," he observed, taking into account that it was stuck on the Witching hour


"Oh, yeah. It keeps doing that. Always on three, too." She shrugged, moving to fix it.

He shook his head, and she paused, confused.

"If it's done it more than once, you've got an oogly-boogly type guy. It's the Witching hour," he

explained. "Possibly a demon; or you pissed a witch off, and she sent her familiar."

Kat decided to humor him. "I thought witches had familiars like cats and crows."

Dante grinned, pointing at her. "You put far too much faith in old horror films."

"Do I? Well, inform me."

"Some other time." he walked slowly to the couch, running his hand along Kat's school pictures

placed on the mantle. She grimaced, wishing her mom hadn't insisted on displaying them.

Dante lowered himself gracefully, slowly onto the comfortable couch. He had no sooner gotten

settled in, when he heard a low moan from Kat. He was immediately on his feet, worried, but as

he got to her, she pointed to the staircase.

He turned, his jaw sliding open at the sight of The Boy; he thought he'd seen it all, but this was

new. This was definitely new. He rushed forward to it, catching the look of fierce rage on its face

before it disappeared into the wall. Even with vampire reflexes, he couldn't stop soon enough and

fell to the floor, unharmed. He closed his eyes, commiting The Boy to memory to reseach him

later. When he opened them again, Kat's face was inches away from his.

She was intoxicating. Her smell, her very presence enveloped him in lust; for her body, and

herself. Let alone her blood. He smiled at the pleasantly warm effect she was having on him, and

reached up to stroke her face lightly with the back of his hand.

"You're exquisite," He breathed, but as he leaned up to kiss her, he was interupted by the

sound of a door opening.

Kat's eyes widened at Christophe's voicce as he called for her, and she threw herself away

from Dante, standing up not-so-gracefully, and knocking off a picture, shattering it. She glanced at

it, then back to Dante, who she could see leaving the room swiftly.