This one was inspired by the italian arietta Caro Mio Ben. Music inspires a lot of my work. Can you tell? I /could/ elaborate, but I really don't see the need. Please, if you have criticism try to keep it constructive. No flames please.


Caro Mio Ben

I bask in the setting autumn sun; the wind carries brightly colored leaves to and fro, gusts of cool air aiding their flight. They are like my hopes, each one slipping slowly away with each passing day. Oh! My beloved! Today marks the first anniversary of your departure. One year and still I am the same lost, woeful soul alone in this cold, harsh world. Oh, my dear! Why did you leave so soon? God is a cruel being indeed, to claim you for his own! Oh, my dear, sweet Claudin, forgive me! It has been a full year and still I betray you! Even on your death bed you had told me that, once you had passed on, you wished for me to let go and learn to love once more. But, my love, I am afraid I cannot do as you asked. Though I search, I search in vain. You were the only one for me. None are kind, honest, and gentle as you were. All are far too in love with themselves to love me and let me love them the way you did. There will never be another like you. Even should I walk to the ends of the earth, there will never be one who does not pale in comparison to you, my Claudin.

Oh! I do miss you so! Now more than ever. I must be delusional! Now, as I watch the sun set upon this most trying of days, I swear that I see your spirit standing before me. Splendid white feathered wings sprout from your back, a brilliant aura of golden light encircles your head. It is such a sweet, wonderful illusion. I don't want it to end.

My dear, sweet Claudin. I know I am a fool to run and try to embrace you as I did only a year ago, but, nevertheless, I do try. I feel grief anew as I find you are no more substantial than the morning must. I can feel the tears stinging my eyes as I stare at the image, reminding myself of that which I have lost.

"Oh, my love."

I blink; I think I just heard you speak. But that cannot be, angels to not visit mere mortals such as I. "Oh, my love!" I cry, choking back a sob. I feel the lump rising in my threat. I will never stop mourning your passing! Not so long as I live!

"Yes, my dear, it is I."

Claudin!" The name has become a chant; I cannot recall a day on which I have not spoken your name. It was so, terribly cruel of God to take you from me! But, Claudin, my dear, dear Claudin, why have you come back to me? I can neither touch you nor keep you with me. What is the purpose of this? "Oh! Forgive me, Claudin! I have not been able to find someone whom I can love! No one but you." My sides are shaking violently, tears borne of pure, unadulterated grief trickling down my cheeks. "I still wear your engagement ring. Even if I were to marry, I would still pine away for your company."

Oh, my beloved, the thought of being unfaithful to you appalls me as much as the concept of us being parted pains me. While you died before the wedding, I feel tied to you all the same. Chains of love are, by far, the strongest bonds known to man. I feel my knees beginning to grow week; I feel that achingly familiar throbbing in my chest.

"My love, I appreciate your devotion very much, but I do so hate seeing you unhappy!"

"Then come back to me Claudin! Come back to me," I beg, wishing you could hold me like you used to. I would give anything to feel your warm, gentle touch once more!

"I am sorry, but I cannot. I only wanted to see if there was any way you could be happy without me."

"There is. If you promise me, Claudin, that one day we will be together again I can find some joy in life. I will always wish for you to be with me, but then, at the very least, I can look forward to that day on which we will be reunited."

"Do not fret. We will be together again. Perhaps not for years, but the parting will not be forever. That I can promise. And now, my love, I must go. Good-bye, my darling."

"Farewell, Caro mio," I say, fighting back the tears. I am left once again to grieve alone. But I will keep my promise to you. I will not mourn forever. Instead I will go one with my life, clinging to the hope that I will see you again.