A fable in which Forestfire learns an important lesson about faith and loyalty. As always, I adore constructive criticism.


'Twas a bright summer day when the sky was pale blue and the sun cast its warmth upon the earth. Small white flecks of light dappled the forest floor. The trees were alive with the chattering of squirrels and the singing of birds. Even the bees joined in with their gentle hum. The leaves parted as a blazing red tom strutted around in the undergrowth. His pelt gleamed and a mane of fur flared out around his neck, taking on a lion-like appearance. Pine green eyes surveyed the forest, seeking out an object known only to him. He sat himself down and turned his head to groom himself. But as he did so his eyes rest upon a she-cat with pale brown fur and fair blue eyes. Her silky pelt clung to her slender form. He got once again to his paws and raised his tail high in greeting. Bowing his head low and extending a leg he purred, "Hello m'lady. What brings a fair maid such as yourself out on this fine summer's day?"

The sandy colored she-cat's eyes met those of the fiery tom. She turned her head and giggled, embarrassed by the other cat's praise. Shyly she said, "I came here to enjoy the weather." Her eyes were fixed on her petite paws. She meowed, "Oh…I'm sorry. It seems I haven't introduced myself. My name's Aura."

Forestfire stood himself up and rumbled, "Oh yes. Where are my manners? I go by Forestfire but you, m'gel, can call me Fire." He dipped his head and touched his nose to her paw, a gentle purr vibrating in his throat. She's perfect. Indeed she was; she was the cat he had been looking for. At least, she was at the moment. His dark green eyes glinted in the sunlight breaking through the leaves in the thick canopy

In a small, sweet voice Aura meowed, "Well then, Fire, would you like to go hunting?" A gentle breeze ruffled her long, fawn colored fur. She got to her paws and shook bits of moss from her coat. Her long fur got terribly ruffled. She paused and took a moment to groom it. Not long after it was back to its former beauty. She turned her head, ready to go hunting. But then she saw a terrible sight. It was one that brought her bouts of hate and rage. It was Forestfire flirting with another she-cat.

Her pelt was black as night and her eyes were black as well. Her coat was short and sleek, shinning prettily. She spoke in a warm, gentle voice, not unlike that of a lark trilling out the first song of the spring. And Forestfire was singing her praise in his baritone voice. Aura's sandy colored pelt bristled with unbridled anger. "Well, Fire, do you care to explain this?" Her voice was no longer the gentle whisper it had been. It was low and quivered with fury.

The dark red tom purred cheerily. He mewed, "Oh, Aura! I'd like you to meet Sapphira!" He flicked his tail towards the dark black she-cat, his evergreen eyes shinning brightly. He obviously had no clue what he had done wrong as a huge grin was plastered on his maw.

Tears began to bead up in Aura's baby blue eyes. Her tail drooped. "I-I thought you loved me!" Her voice was bitter with resentment and sorrow. He had been so nice to her at first; so-so gentle and caring. But apparently that had all been a lie. He had never truly liked her. She was just there to keep him busy until he found another cat to pad after. But the worst part was she still wanted him! How could she possibly still like him? He had betrayed her. It wasn't fair.

Forestfire meowed, "Oh buck up m'gel! This doesn't mean I don't love you." He still didn't get it.

Sapphira hissed, "What?" A snarl crept its way across her face as she stared at Forestfire. Like Aura, she had thought Forestfire liked her. Only her. She didn't think he would go running back to that other cat. She spat, "Good riddance tom!" as she turned and darted away, not even casting a backwards glance.

Aura too hissed at Forestfire. "If you wish to keep a she-cat learn to be a bit more faithful!" She too darted away and into the depths of the forest, leaving Forestfire completely alone.