Somewhere in all of this confusion
I lost her, and I really need her back

She had sat right next to me, hands
In her little pockets making up some
Story in her head and pretending that
I didn't really exist because I'm just
So boring

Her pen was making doodles on her
Pale wrists and I again was warning
This girl against her mother's wrath
"They're not real tattoos," she'd said
So I, defeated, sat back and watched
As her arm became an ink mural and
I couldn't help but notice it was
Absolutely beautiful

Kind of like the little boy who sat
Across from us and kept staring at
My precious artist, with stained glass
Eyes like she maybe could
Almost someday mean something
To him even though she defiantly
Scratched pictures everywhere and wrote
Poetry no one could understand

I wondered if he would mean it when
He told her I love you

And while I was so distracted I
Never even noticed the lack of presence
As the seat next to mine became
Absolutely empty like the hollow
Feeling gnawing under my skin while
My throat became dry and bitter
I was at a lack of words my little
Girl so gone from me

How would I survive without her
I didn't know who I truly was
Without this person by my side
And pulling me into dangers
I didn't even understand but
Still jumped into because she never
Let go of my hand and her little
Green notebook never left her side
But it was right there in my lap
Stained with black ink from the
Broken pen stuffed between the pages

A malicious and lost smile
Formed on the little boys lips
As he twirled her bloody hat
Through his perfect fingers
Whistling a tune that made me
Itch for piano keys and piano
Strings to strangle that flawless
Neck and kiss away that smile

He almost looked remorseful but I
Could see his soul was too empty to
Even know what he had done and so
He skipped along to the next little
Girl and I watched as he pulled out
A mint box and wrapped his fingers
Around hers with nails painted bright
Blue just like his eyes and walked away
Into Never-never land where he would
Stay young forever and not ever be
Committed or convicted of

Innocence's homicide