My heart speeds up and my breath gets caught

In my throat, like I've been running a marathon.

But if anyone is running, it's you through my mind

And cheesy pick-up lines have nothing on you.

It hurts me when you say there is someone better

When I really, truly think that you're perfect.

And I know self-loathing is just a bad habit,

But honestly, it kills me every time.

You make me loopy, actually.

Giggly, and I think just the scent of you

Sends me on a joyride, sugar high

So hold me just a little longer please.

Hold me close to you and let me breathe you in.

Stay inside my heart until we die

And if you leave me, I think

I might cry my eyes out, literally.

You're always in my mind, in my dreams

And I'm so glad you finally kissed me,

Because the tension, the anticipation

Was starting to choke me to death.

I really think this love is for real

Because I'm not sure I could live without you.

You're the one I can't keep my eyes off of

So hold me just a little longer please.