Boredom in school, angst in life.

3 random poems.

Think I'm blind, think I can't feel

I know you're happy - but why do you expect me to be?

I got beat out in the chase, nothing left for me but hope.

Another race to come, another life to live.

Without you I'll forever be haunted.

Who cares about the life you've led when there's a chance of love?

A naive dream - an immature reality, it only ever existed inside of me.

There was no writing on the walls big and bold enough for me

To read.

Imagined neon signs blinking out

False Prophecies.

I close my eyes.

Flying blind through uncharted skies.

So don't be mad when I steer away from you.

The fear of crashing, burning desires

That will never be true.

Dear Crush,

Love and lust will have to wait for me.

To Germany and back, I'll fly across the sea.

Twelve short days you'll wait for what could be.

Now tell me dear, who's dreams these really be?