In this masquerade called life where everyone mills about trying to hide their emotions from the world. Putting on masks of different rhyme or reason, to hide the emotions they hold deep within from the prying eyes of society. Trying as hard as they can to screen from the world of how they feel, afraid of what will occur if they fail. Of the judgment they may receive if someone doesn't feel the same way. They are afraid of disappointment, of being shunned by another, of being excluded from the group. So as they go on with their lives, people are forever averse of not being liked or accepted in the world's view.

You see there are those who open up to those who are closest to them. Nervously taking off their masks always afraid at first to show someone what is within, afraid of rejection. Yet they still do it anyways attempting to get rid of the mask that they hide behind. Its like they think that by only showing brief snippets of themselves that they are still safe from the world, but know someone else well enough to trust them and them to trust you. Some people actually do believe that and live their lives content yet not truly happy.

There are also those who never let anyone in and are completely miserable, even though if you were to ask, most would deny it. For in their self-denial they refuse to think that they are unhappy, but also that they could be wrong. They are the people that I feel sorry for the most for they shall never receive true happiness. Because you cannot admit that you are wrong and change if you do not believe you are at fault in the first place.

Then there are those who know that they are unhappy and what it is that causes them to be unhappy, yet choose to do nothing about it. For they are not willing to open up enough to let themselves see who they really are; let alone let another person see who they are behind the mask. I also feel great sorrow for these people for unlike the people who can't believe that they are unhappy, that they are wrong. They just don't care enough to try and change their situation, to better themselves. For they would rather wallow in their own self-pity and try to bring others down to their level. For misery loves company. Some how I think that these people are worse of than those who can't admit that they're unhappy for they don't know it.

Rarely do you find those who are not unafraid to show their emotions, thoughts, and ideas, but who do it despite what others may say. These are those who have either experienced something life changing that can either cripple or strengthen a man. The latter of the two are people who don't let the opinion of the world affect them. They take the scorn of the world, the ridicule that they give and turn the other cheek willing to forgive and forget. Not without being marred for they are not invulnerable. They just let it heal without trying to worsen the festering wound by holding it close, and letting it turn them into something bitter. Or they have learned from experience and the wisdom of others that this is the way to be truly happy. So they constantly strive to live their lives without their masks to hide behind. They are those that I admire the most, and strive to emulate. But it is not easy to be like them, but they are those that are truly happy. I hope that one day everyone will strive to be like them and that one day we all might achieve the goal of true happiness.

The only question that remain is out of all of these who are you, and who do you wish to become? I hope that one day the masquerade will end and that we will all be able to see ourselves for who we truly are and find happiness in knowing that we are the best we can be. That we have lived our lives to the fullest and that we are happy with what we have become. For when we die, the true hell will be when the person we are meets the person we could have become.