I heard the train coming before I saw it in my eyes.
Pools of green reflect the oncoming spring of machinery.
Catastrophe upon these tracks and all will come to end.
To sit up and watch the stars and subway cars
is to lie upon the freedom of another story's epilogue.

I hear the sound before I stand
alone in the path of a stairway to hell.
Tender words will move my feet as quickly
as the tide will tear my town away.
Disaster in exchange for life in the blackest, dampest nights
when you're alone and lonely and hurt by fear and pain.
Death lies within the senses if the sense dare to search,
but the hardest part of knowing is to know when not to look.

Raise my head to the sky, drink the rain as it falls,
burn the light to brighten another empty night.
Let the headlights consume me in a deep and un-soothing excuse for a dream.
It's the end of the tracks, the end of a life.

Looking forward looks away and looking back will turn to face
the pressure of the impact as the light melts my face into a puddle on the tracks.
The railway is a deathtrap in the backyard of anxiety and relapse.
but out of cash and heavy hearts, empty wallets and pride
turn the dimmer straight to black with no chance to redeem
before the blackout consumes and the scene
will change to the funeral procession
and the line of cars with tinted windows
blowing smoke with the despair
of the coffin's cage of life.

No chances left, distrust immune to calling cards
and late-night conversations with saturday-night sinners who fear the passing time.
Yet singers singe a drunken lullabye to the death of life
and the breath of fear and loss and hand-me-down crimes.
But the lever's been pulled to freeze-frame the scene,
where envy is a wand's wave that speeds up the beating hearts
until the dynamite gives its final kick
and fire swallows the darkness whole.

And the train will follow these tracks
and step on the innocent victims who don't know
to get out of the way in the time it takes to survive.
so I lie on my back with my head to the stars,
to the bottom of the train as I lose my life
in a last attempt to stay alive.