My first story on this site! It may get worse later on in the story, like, very mature content. My friend's cousin inspired me to write this when he told me of an account he had with his mother's boyfriend. I've exaggerated, of course. The ages and names aren't the same in this, and this isn't his story. However, his story inspired me to write this.

This is dedicated to him, and all the other kids out there like him.

Dustin's POV

It was surreal. All the feet walking around me, past me, and over me, completely unaware that my world had just come to an end. How can they keep moving if the world's stopped turning? How can they go on knowing this? How can they be so calm? How can they breathe? I can't…

This has got to be a dream.

"Dustin…Dustin stop making a scene and get up!" Mom tugged at my arm, and I pulled it away. It's a dream. No, it's a nightmare. She couldn't possibly go through with this. She wouldn't…couldn't!

Pete. The greasiest slime ball on earth, completely out of Mom's league. Yet, somehow, he managed to be her boyfriend. What did she see in him? After three full months of his disgusting laziness and clinging to Mom as though she's a trophy, I had just about had it. He's 29 and has been in two other relationships his whole life. I wonder why that is? Probably because he's a dirtbag!

And, now, he's asked her to marry him.

She'd said yes.

I never liked Pete; from the first day I met him. Ever since I laid eyes on his greasy, slicked back hair, dark, evil eyes, and stupid grinning mouth with the stubble from not shaving, I hated him. With every bone in my body. He wasn't fat, or skinny, or even that muscular. He definitely wasn't handsome. So what did she see in him? He didn't like me, I didn't like him…was Mom just oblivious?

Sure, Mom has had boyfriends before. Five, to be exact, not including Pete. Todd, Phil, Lars, Joe, and Bill. All of them were better looking and nicer that Pete. Yet, Mom broke up with all of them (and I'd really liked Joe, too) for Pete?

The world had definitely stopped. We were falling out of the solar system, away from the sun and the moon and into an endless hole of blackness. Our atmosphere was disappearing… we're all going to die.

"Dustin!" Mom dragged me to my feet and I glared at her icily as she continued, "Why are you acting this way? What's wrong with you lately?"

"Mom, you can't be serious," I looked up into her eyes, searching for even the slightest hint that she was lying, playing a joke on me or something. There was nothing but concern and impatience.

"Dustin, I love him, and I want to spend the rest of my whole entire life with him! He's caring, sweet, funny, kind, and all the things I've ever hoped for in a man!" Mom swooned, a big, goofy grin on the red-lipsticked lips.

I shook my head in disbelief and started to walk away from her, dodging the crowds of people. We were at the mall, shopping for whatever Mom wanted. I didn't want to be here in the first place, but my only other option was to stay home with Pete. We had just been walking along, and she told me he had asked her last night when they went out to dinner. I had just plopped down right there, sitting cross-legged and unmoving, for what seemed like eternity.

"Dustin!" Mom grabbed my shoulder and stopped me, and I whirled around to face her, so angry I wished I could punch something. She just didn't get it. "Dustin, you're only eleven, you don't know what's right for me, baby!"

"And you're only twenty-seven, how would you know what's right for you when the longest you've gone out with a guy for was six months?"

My words hung in the air for a while, sinking in, and seeming to echo around the mall so that everyone could hear them, when in reality only Mom and I could. I bit my lip and turned away, heading towards the exit and out to the parking lot. I waited by the car, leaning on it and hoping I wouldn't have to wait here for another hour. The little Honda Civic made a little beeping noise, and I jumped, realizing Mom had unlocked the car. I got in shotgun and folded my arms across my chest, trying to look angry instead of sorry.

"What do you have against him?" Mom asked me as she climbed into the car.

I looked over at her, wondering why on earth she'd have that question. Mom could get any guy, literally. She's young, has big, blue eyes milky white skin, long, light brown hair, and is about as skinny as a broom. She's gotten way better than Pete before, except for my real Dad.

My real Dad was in a gang, because Mom used to live in a bad park of New York before we moved to a quieter part in Manhattan. Mom didn't exactly have a great family, and her Dad always used to hit her Mom, so she dropped out of school and ran away. She wanted to have somewhere she really belonged.

So she met my real "Dad." He was a low life trying to make it to the bigs, gambling and trying to shoot his way up to the top so he could make some big-ass gang and sucker drugs out of people. My Mom fell in love with his bad boy attitude, and soon they were dating.

One night, things got out of control. They were both drunk and had sex, before driving to a motel and partying with a friend all night. It was, as Mom put it "a hell of a night."

About a month later, she found out she was pregnant. She had been getting into a lot of trouble, such as drugs and stuff, and was staying in a motel by herself. I guess she took the test and figured it out. But when my Dad came back to see her and she told him, he was really pissed. And I mean really.

He told her he could kick her in the stomach and kill me, and she said that she couldn't do it. She didn't have enough money to get an abortion, but my Dad left her and me all alone. Mom had no money or anything, so she confided in a friend and then she had me at her friend's house, raised me for a while there, before she made enough money to move to an apartment, when I was three.

From then on she was clean…no drugs, alcohol, sex, or anything. She even started going to college and learning to be a nurse. She had good boyfriends, and even though she didn't truly trust any of them, at least they were kind and actual gentlemen. Pete was totally different. But how could I say it so that she'd see it? Instead I looked out the window and watched cars go past us as we drove back to our little one-story home. The car was dead silent, with the radio off and the only sound being the sound of the engine and the tires rolling down the street.

When we pulled into the driveway, I stormed out of the car and into the house. Past Pete, who ignored me, as usual, and up to my room. It sucks being a kid. You can't stop anything, and you can only watch as your parent(s) make decisions that will change not only your life, but also theirs. Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. But mostly they only care about themselves and what they want.

I heard Mom walk in and tell Pete how I didn't take the news well.

He told her I'd warm up to the idea.

They kissed.

Then they started talking about wedding plans.

Pete talked extra loud so that I could hear him.

Mom was oblivious to that, as usual.

Pete said I could be the ring bearer.

I thought I was going to puke.

I must've fallen asleep because when I opened my eyes it was dark out and my hand hurt from my head laying on it. I guess Mom and Pete's conversation had dwindled, because all I could hear was a ringing silence. I rolled over, grumbling to myself, and stared at my old, cracked screened digital alarm clock. It said 6:36, and I had gotten home at 3:00-ish.


I shook my bangs out of my eyes and headed down the hall to the kitchen. There was a note on the table that was scrawled in Mom's quick, scratchy, I-don't-have-time-to-write-this handwriting. I picked it up and read it:

Went out for dinner. There's Mac 'n' Cheese in the fridge. Be back at eight thirty. Love you, Mom.

Roll eyes, throw away. It's routine. Stupid Mom and stupid Pete. At least it's spring break for two more days so I can stay up late and be bored. There's nothing to do when its dark outside except go on our old, crappy computer or watch TV, neither of which I wanted to do. I sighed and wandered into Pete's and Mom's room. I hated having to refer to it like that, but…

I turned on the TV and flipped to Comedy Central, seeing that there was a South Park marathon on. People say I'm way too young for that show, being eleven and all. Then again people say I'm mature for my age, too. I guess it's because my Mom doesn't care about mature content and me seeing it (either first-hand or through the TV, etc.) because she knows I'll eventually see it anyway. It's all a matter of how you deal with it.

"Dustin, get up."

I blinked a few times and felt Pete's hand shove me roughly, again. I sat up quickly and glared at him through my bangs, unable to brush them away without breaking our long, hard stare. After what seemed like an hour, Mom walked through the door into the room and kissed Pete on the cheek. That adverted his attention and made me win, whatever competition it was that we were doing.

It was like I lost, though, after he gave me that smug smirk I wanted to punch off his face. I just clenched my teeth and kept from doing it because 1) Mom was in the room, and 2) He was too tall. I wished that 1) Momw asn't in the room, and 2) He was shorter. He must be at least six feet tall! That's not normal, at least for me. I clenched and unclenched my fists, digging my nails in my palms.

Instead of doing anything about it, I pushed past him, out of the room, and into my own. It was only 9:00 but I was already too tired to stay up and do anything else. Today had probably been one of the worst of this...well, year, at least. It was only March, so it was the worst day I've had in a while. I still can't believe they're getting married! That's supposed to be for life. I can't live with Pete! I don't want to have a step-dad!

Why can't Mom see how evil he is?

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