My collection of original poetry. Comment or not. Bowing out.

Keep your friends close and your enemies underneath your boot.

Life Lesson Number One

--Slowly taking over me--
Like vines upon the ruby brick
Dear god, your existence leaves me sick
The symbolism kills me so
But I have no choice...
Where did you go?
Signs so blatantly burned upon
My eyes say reasons are too fargone
Don't hate me if I say it's true
I'd rather die than fuck with you.
Kick fate because it told you so.
Kick fate because it told you 'no'
Then stab it's hard because it said...
"She used you. Don't Give up. It's. dead."

You screwed around, you've eaten your fill
You think you've won, shattered the will.
I used to have.
Can I still be strong?
Of course I can't.

Blink blood out of your frightened eyes
Harden your heart to her dying sighs
No one noticed you were there
but this crimson label you shall wear-

Since everybody sees it.
And everybody knows,
They cannot give you pity
And the lie just simply grows.

So many years of using,
Bent and twisted as you saw fit
Her goal in life was keeping you happy
But you weren't,
Not with it.

Sticks and stones
May break my bones
But words hurt me
More than you'll ever know.

Never wondering

It's just one fucking mess
And you watch brighteyed and flushed
As if it's your brand new custom dress
Enjoying twisted entertainment
Gymnasts, tricks, or a movie.
But that isn't what you're watching, oh no.
It's my pain that you see.
And you love it.
It's so sick,
to think that you are okay with it,
But I should have known all this time...
You never gained a thing from helping anyone
or dancing with the devil's (daughter) son
Since I was hoping I could change you.
Hello, my greatest mistake.
Greetings my downfall...
Would you like me to cry and grovel...
Or slam my fist into the wall?
Just to see all that blood and pain
And still you will cry inside shriek with joy,
At the thought of all my suffering...
'Cause I was just your only friend fucking toy.

"Her heartbeat has ceased, ma'am."
I say thank goodness as I watch her from above.
"But it can't be true!"
She's lying as I float solemnly, like a dove.
She doesn't mean anything she's saying
For the words are empty too,
And even every tear that falls
Was never for me, it was for you.