Rainy Day

Sitting in this room,

Staring at these four walls,

Waiting for the doctor,

To tell us the cause.

Feet tapping nervously,

Against the sterile floor,

Smelling disinfectant,

My eyes are fixed to the door.

You were getting better,

Now this comes along,

I don't understand life,

It all seems so wrong.

They said to look at the bright side,

But I don't seem to understand,

How there could possibly be one,

When darkness fills the land.

Just when you start,

To have a tiny bit of hope,

Everything comes crashing down,

Which makes it so much harder to cope.

They tell you to be strong,

And that everything will be okay,

But they don't know how it feels,

To suffer that way.

The doctor comes out,

His face is grim,

I shut my eyes,

My head starts to spin.

Maybe everyone was right,

It'll all be okay,

But for now I'm looking at,

Another rainy day.