I've never felt so alone in my life. Nothing can make it better. There are so many people out there. People that I could learn to trust and love, people that would trust and love me back. Yet I am separate from them. An invisible shield surrounds their psyches'. I am doomed to become the creation of the beliefs, thoughts, and ideas of those around me. The ones called friends and family. Everyday their actions influence my own perception of the world.

If I am now so alone, who is my creator? What monster have I become? Those that deem themselves my friends bring a cruel mockery to the title. They are no more my friends than my enemies. My family is bound by blood and blood alone. There is no love in this place.

I watch as every day the same routine of actions happen. Alarms ring, the masses rush to work, a daily ritual that cannot be broken with the exception of death. In reality the world keeps turning, but the world inside my head is in chaos. Thoughts of suicide, hate, emptiness, and sadness swirl around in a massive tornado of pain. None of that matters though, because there will always be a new day.

The world stops turning for no one. I am stuck in neutral as events fly above my head. If only I could lie down and sleep forever. What a relief it would be to be free of the shackles of worry and responsibility. To dream forever, that is my only wish.