A/N: Story I thought would be sweet. He's already heads over heels, but she isn't. Then there's the itsy-bitsy fact that they're engaged. :D

Their fathers had met each other in kindergarten; their mothers in preschool. They shared strong connections, the kind envied in twins.

They all went to the same college. His mother and father were both majoring in the same thing: marketing; hers met as best friends of the new couple. They were married within the year, both on the same day, his first then hers. The parents were best man or maid of honor at the others' wedding.

Honorary family didn't cut it for them; they wanted to be able to proudly claim a real relation. In-laws would work well. Their first-borns, if genders were appropriate, were promised to each other.

Sixteen months after the weddings, both women had a little one in their arms. They actually went to the hospital together; he was born but three hours before her. The official 'promising of the bride and groom' took place as soon as they decided the names: Victor and Laurel.

As soon as the children could walk, their parents made them exchange rings on necklaces. The children had no idea why they wore them but they always kept them on, unless changing them for something longer.

When they were five, her father was given a job out of state. It could lift his career to unimaginable heights. Her parents promised their daughter would be only his, figuratively, literally, and legally. His parents swore upon their son the same thing and told her parents to come back soon for their son would be awaiting his bride.

When they turned twelve, just about to enter middle school, their parents told them about the agreement. At first, there were protests, but that was before the stories of innocent childhood flirting were told. He was prepared to wait his entire life for her, a virgin bachelor. She told her parents yes, but inside she would not marry someone just because he was the son of her parents' best friends. Her husband would have to first win her heart then lift her veil.

The summer before their junior year of high school, her family moved back. Her parents told his to keep it a secret from him and to instead let them meet at school. They were both exceptional students and would end up in the same classes because the school had so few honors students.

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