"The Devil Didn't Do It"

The rounding up of bodies starts

The bright hills and sun are level

Ninety souls curse the fire seen

In the name of The black Devil.

The herders bring their people in

Those slaves march to the dragons lair,

The herders sleep is sweet and deep

For, dost thou blame the dragon there?

The jail-keep cannot be the blame

For all the errs of those who're damned

The dragon's teeth are innocent

For all the wrongings of a man.

Down in the prison known as Hell

The devil takes his souls with glee,

But can you call him evil if,

The terror was not done by he?

Let generations know that when

The Devil sparks his ghastly flame

Their parents march to lion's den

But for their wrong, he's not to blame.

Those who say the devil's hand makes

The heart twist evil, judgment take

I say on Earth there never grows

So rash an oak tree from a rose.


As when the birds begin to weep

And the stream collects it all

Then the trees will get no sleep

If the Devil blinks at all.