Along a narrow road I drove,

Whose dusting of dirt was oddly mauve.

Ahead of me, shallow in the snow

Were springing up flowers of indigo.

And while the little blooms were dull,

The sky above was washed with purple,

And edging along the shore's dry land,

What was left of light was hued cyan.

The last of sun's glow cast a mellow

Glow upon the land, 'twas yellow.

The patches of snow on the ground still were,

And shone in the dark like pure silver.

The color of sunset, like faerie sprinkle,

Dusted the white fluff with periwinkle.

I dreamed of a time when we were boys,

And looked on such a sky turquoise.

That was all at a younger age.

My memories now are blurry and beige.

Horrified should I forget,

Long hours of picking violets,

Laying on the soft davenport,

Specked with patterns of lavender.

The paint in my room that'd confuse a chameleon,

Was painted by us, bright carnelian.

My little sister, how we'd poke her

If she said the color was more of an ochre.

At the annual pet fair you could win a bun,

But you'd usually get stuff covered in cinnamon.

We'd make fun of the dogs, and say they looked dumber,

For having a splotch on their nose of pure umber.

Then at the fair, with that man who was wacky

And always dressed in pants that were dorky and khaki,

He'd have fun blowing up a great big balloon

For the children to play with: there was green and maroon,

And no one ever knew how you'd put to use,

Colors he'd speak of: what the heck is puce?

And then from the fair, we'd eat some great porridge.

It tasted good, if you didn't care it was orange.

Then of all the splendid colors you see in,

The sky would turn wonderful cerulean,

And in summer nights, we found no fault,

When the stars pierced the night sky of pure cobalt.

It was magical, and stirred up our souls and our chakras,

To gaze at a sky so tremendously aqua.

From nostalgic dreams, I am jarred loose,

And am back in my car, the color of chartreuse.

In the distance sets the great dim sun

That paints the sky near it a brilliant crimson

And though to travel I have far yet

It's nice to be traveling with a sky of scarlet.