Oblivious the Dragon

Come in, come in! Don't stand out there.

I hear the wind is brutal now

Have you been walking all this way?

Such jagged rocks—I don't see how!

Oh such a brave soul you must be,

To climb along the mountain trail.

In cold and wind as harsh as this,

I'd have frozen off my tail!

You look a little white now, traveler.

And your eyes have gone all wide.

Is that because you didn't expect,

To find a dragon here inside?

The cave, I must apologize,

Looks so empty from afar.

A slight misunderstanding then,

As to whom the inhabitants are.

'Tis I! The mighty dragon king,

Who lives in luxury up high.

Where rocky peaks rise ever up,

And meet there with the regal sky.

Well, won't you stay for dinner then?

My princess is cooking up some stew.

She simply is the best around.

The meal shall go well with you.

Tired after your voyage, traveler?

I can really understand.

You just rest there on the floor.

Oh, this party shall be grand!