Just One

Outside, I feel the thunder rage,

Roaring down the burning sea.

The grassland starts to crumble now.

Reflected in that fire, I see…

Not going to make it this time.

Why can't you comprehend the end?

No, listen, take your mind away,

Close your eyes, close them and pretend…

It just takes one door, little girl,

To link worlds forever after,

Fine, twisting castles toward the sun,

With the sound of children's laughter.

Just one to find gryphon mountains,

Where they soar to meet royal sky.

Scream their stories never-ending,

Because, those gryphons never lie.

Just one to feel the gentle wind,

Glide swiftly off the dragon's wing,

And wrap around your heart to teach,

Every blood cell how to sing.

Just one to guide inner warriors,

To battlefields yet bare from bone.

Obey and follow kings of lore,

Have and hold commands of their own.

Just one to warm the darkened soul,

Of children lost in nights forlorn,

Where they would all but die that day,

Were it not for the unicorns.

Just one to feel the thunder break,

Roaring down the burning sea,

And turn it into swarms of jays,

Who're calling out their love to me.

Could it be a cover-up