They said goodbye, and went off to war.

Forgot what they were dying for.

It's not important anymore.

What's said and done,

They're dead and gone.

The house of an elder, familiar to pain,

Sits by the window, cursin' the rain.

The clouds are old, couldn't take the strain.

Without the light,

It could rain all night.

Back in the yard where the kids once played,

The dragon snaps are beginnin' to fade.

Six feet under, the memories are laid.

There was only one chance,

For that moonlit dance.

A sad little town on the edge of despair,

With smoke in the streets and dust in the air.

They left while they could get out of there.

Makes you wonder why

There's still blue in their sky.

The first time he ever shed a tear,

Was over the body of the brigadier.

That title has no meaning here.

The receding flood,

Was filled with blood.

See those pinpricks in the sky?

The light of the stars so far and high.

They're still there so don't you cry.

I know you will,

But I've got hope still.