Seeing you makes me forget to breathe.

The blood in my veins just boils up

and the tears in my eyes get large,

because I'm here in the corner,

but you don't look in the shadows.

I know I should just stay in this gloomy place,

stay there and learn to live my life.

But when I see you, you make me realize

that there's a heart in every barbwire gate.

They say love is a simple song on an old wooden banjo,

but I just beg to differ, you're so wrong.

Love's more like a screaming, angry tune,

just want to throw something at the barrier.

I can't punch the wall enough times,

can't fall down on my knees on fall too many.

You just turn away and don't notice me,

sitting in the corner with tears falling down my face.

Should I throw that stupid old banjo at your head?

Should I scream in your face, would you notice then?

"All I want is someone to love, and for them to love me back."