Hey Muse, watcha doin' tonight?

Are you alone again?

It breaks my heart to watch you walk away

You're my favorite inspiration

And you don't even try

I love the way you make me laugh

You say it's your favorite sound

I'll never forget the way you held me

The night the world fell down

Your arms are strong and your shoulder is stained with my tears

But it seems like I'm always watching you walk away

Oh, come on, Muse, please stay

Just sit with me on the dock by the water

For maybe an hour, no more

Tell me a story you heard today

And let me watch

As the light and laughter in your eyes

Changes to a distant sorrow

Tell me about your Daddy, 'bout the times before he changed

Promise to take me away

To the places he once took you, when things were still okay

Times before you had to walk away

And don't forget me, Muse,

'Cause I hold your secret

I know what you're afraid of- I saw it in your eyes

Once upon a time

And you told me not to tell

So I won't

You're my irrational sensibility

My Muse

You're overprotective, with a devil-may-care confidence

And blue eyes that look like sea glass and hold the secrets of the world

You look like you stepped out of my notebook

And into my life

Which is right where you belong

Don't let the story end, though

Don't walk away again.

There are people who love you, Muse.

They want you.

They need you.

Don't walk away.


A/N: I put this one down as 'in-progress' because I could just go on forever about my Muse. Some people are just like that. And doesn't it just figure, that the one we want to immoralize in literature is the one that just refuses to be written down? Anyway... I digress.

Don't bother trying to guess who my Muse is... You're sure to be wrong. ; )

Oh, and one more thing. This did look really cool with the spacing indented at all the right places... But I can't figure out how to do that... So I give up.