She sat on the edge of his
Tattered bench inching
Closer till vibrations from
The music flowed out of
His body and through hers
Like God added melody to
Her bloodstream mixed with
A little bit of infatuation

His hands danced across the
Black and white keys until
She was almost perfectly sure
They had faded into gray so
Turning to face this figure
Hunched over his beloved
Instrument she brushed her
Hand against his chin and
Whispered like an angel:

"Baby you can play for me
And make beauty out of
Every key, but baby could
You sing for me, yeah baby
Sing me a melody"

He smiled like he really could
Eyes so deep and free and light
Reflections of a midnight sky
But silence of piano song hung
Daftly in the air without a single
Verse to erupt from those lips still
Fixed in a miniature grin like he
Was in on a secret she would never
Know and it killed her as his
Eyes kissed ebony and ivory lips
Because almost red flesh would
Burn his tongue away not that it
Really mattered anyway

And as his lust for music grew she
Realized that she was just another
Girl who was trapped in this boy's
Never-ending love affair between
The soulless boy and symphony