Abby threw her backpack beside her bed and stripped off her scarf and jacket. She sat on the edge of her bed and gazed up at her alarm clock as she took off her shoes. The red numbers glowed half an hour past three, a couple of hours earlier than she was expected home. In fact, she had skipped her afterschool activities and had headed straight home for the past two days. Her parents were never home this early and, normally, she would get home only half an hour before her mother arrived.

She stood up and strode toward the window. Through the blinds she could see a muscular man in his late twenties below in the backyard. His name was Troy and he was the reason she rushed home from school these past few days. He had been hired by her parents to construct a redwood awning over their patio. And while her parents enjoyed fantasizing about the barbecues and parties they would hold under their new awning once summer came around, Abby was more than content to fantasize about the ruggedly handsome man constructing said awning.

Troy was busy below cutting to size the boards that would serve as the supports. The sky was overcast and, although Abby remembered it being a little chilly outside before she stepped into the house, Troy was perspiring from the exertion of constantly lifting the heavy planks. He continued to work, unaware of Abby observing him from her room, and soon he had stacked a sizeable pile of cut and ready redwood panels.

Suddenly, Abby felt incredibly thirsty and, happy to have an excuse to get a closer look at him, she decided to go down for a glass of water. She tiptoed down the stairs and crept into the kitchen, although she knew perfectly well that the house was empty except for her. By the time she reached the kitchen, her pulse was racing wildly and she considered running back upstairs to her room before she was discovered. After taking a moment to compose herself, she took a deep breath and stepped into the kitchen as casually as possible. She reached her hand out to grasp the handle on the refrigerator door as stared out of the corner of her eye through the sliding glass doors. His back was to her and she felt it safe to look away for a moment to pour herself a glass of water. As she took a drink she peered outside again only to see Troy lifting his gray T-shirt over his head and hanging it over the patio railing. She quickly turned away, her heart racing nervously as she clutched her glass.

A sudden tap on the glass made her heart stop completely and she waited until she caught her breath before she turned around slowly. There he was, standing right behind the glass door, staring at her.

"Hi," he called, his voice muted by the glass, "Abby, right?"

Her eyes traveled up and down his body, from his soiled jeans to his lean muscles. When they finally reached his face, she blinked to clear the image of his body from her mind before answering. "Uh. Yeah…," she managed to squeak out.

"Well, your mom left a couple of Cokes out here for me, but I'm out and I'm a little thirsty. I was wondering if it wouldn't be too much to ask you to bring a cold one out," he said smiling at her through glass.

"Sure," she answered a little too quickly, unable to control the edges of her lips from curling up into a smile.

"Thanks, I appreciate it," he told her before turning back to his work.

She stared at his back as he walked toward the table saw at the end of the patio; his skin glistened with a light layer of sweat that emphasized the muscular contours of his back. Her mind raced for things to say as she opened the fridge, pulled out an icy cold can of soda and slid open the door. Her bare feet tread quietly on the wood until they stopped a foot from where he stood. The loud whir of the saw ceased and he turned around.

Wiping the sweat of his forehead with the back of his hand, he eyed the soda and smiled. "Great," he said in relief when she handed him the cold can.

As he popped it open and tilted his head back to take a gulp, Abby stared wide-eyed at his body, breathing and pulsing only inches away from her. Well-built and svelte all at once, his strong arms and chest tapering down to his slim waist and contoured abs. Her eyes followed the trail of his abdomen to the hard shadows of his pelvis, bare above the low waist of his jeans.

"Ahh," she heard him sigh as his lips left the can and she turned away her eyes. "Thanks again, Abby," he said as he lowered his arm to his side.

"No problem," she said with a smile. His eyes twinkled cheerfully at her through his rugged features; from up in her room she had never noticed their shade, a subtle, yet piercing green. "Well, if you ever need anything else," she said timidly and slowly turned to go.

"Hey," he reached out and she turned as his rough fingertips brushed gently against her arm. "I'm just about done for the day, so it wouldn't hurt if I took a short break. I could use the company."

Abby hadn't expected him to say this and she was speechless for a moment. She finally managed to pipe out a tiny 'OK.'

"So do you go to the high school near here?" he asked before taking another sip of his Coke.

"North High? Yeah, I'm senior there," she said, beginning to calm down and become more comfortable talking to him.

"A senior. So that would make you, what? Eighteen?" He asked, leaning his back against the metal table.

"Haha. Sadly not," she said with a smile. "I just turned seventeen almost two months ago." A drop of water slid down her face and sent a chill up her spine. Then a shiny drop plopped onto Troy's shoulder and caught Abby's eye as it slithered down his tan chest.

He raised his hand to shield his eyes as he gazed up at the gathering clouds. "Uh oh," he muttered and glanced around at the stacks of expensive redwood, dark drops pattering down on the planks and absorbing into the grain. "Gotta get these under the awning," he said as he rushed over to grab several boards under his arm and set them down beneath the shade of the house.

Abby hurried to help him, managing only to grab two boards at a time. The rain grew gradually heavier and soon all that was left was one of the larger planks. As Troy pushed the metal table saw against the wall of the house, Abby wedged her fingers beneath the board and the patio floor and strained to lift it. He came back and bent down to help her; her wet, brown hair was pressed against her smooth face and the thin cloth of her blouse clung to her shivering body, revealing the sloping curves of her perky breasts; her skirt had slid up to her thighs and the fabric hugged her thighs snugly. He pulled his eyes away from her body and realized that she was aware of his staring, her round eyes were wide and frightened and her trembling lips glistened with rain water.

Suddenly his hands were brushing the hair away from her face and pulling her towards him. The moment he pressed his lips against hers she gasped, and the warm air rushed straight to his head and seemed to fill his skull with a misty cloud. Abby's fingers released the board and clutched the back of Troy's head as he continued to kiss her. She brushed her fingers up and down his short, brown hair, her mind racing, unsure of whether or not to push him away.

She never stood a chance and the moment he pulled her body against his, all hope of turning back was lost. The warmth of his body made her tense body go limp and she leaned into his mouth. His tongue slowly pushed open her lips and the foreign heat invading her mouth ignited a fire throughout her entire body. She kissed him back passionately and pulled his body towards her until her back lay flat against the wet patio. He lifted himself onto his arms above her and she stared up into his intense, green eyes. The rain fell onto his bare back and slid onto her and the patio and his breathing was heavy from shock.

But the shock alone could not stop him and he bent down to kiss her neck. He settled his knees on either side of her and ran his hands from her shoulders to her round chest beneath the sticky cloth, heaving passionately. He rubbed her covered breasts as he continued to lay kisses on her smooth neck and slowly his fingers moved down to the bottom of her blouse. With a gentle tug he peeled the shirt slowly above her head, revealing her glossy body inch by inch. He buried his face in her abdomen and kissed her stomach as his fingers worked on the clasp of her bra. When he had tossed it aside, his mouth moved slowly up to her perky breasts. He thought he could hear her heart beat pounding as he took her left nipple gently into his mouth and began to suck on it.

All the while, Abby hadn't moved, her arms lay on the wet wood beside her, her heart racing, and her body trembling. She let out an abrupt gasp as his warm lips enclosed her breast and her hands shot up to clutch the back of his head. The heat soon began to cloud her own head and growing bolder, she let her hands run down his back until her fingers reached the top of his jeans. She swooped them underneath him and brushed them against his slick abs before tucking them into his jeans and boxers. She could feel his short curls as she reached past them and stopped when she felt the base of his warm shaft.

"Mmm," Troy moaned, his lips already sucking away on her right breast. He closed his eyes as he felt her smooth fingers rubbing up and down his throbbing dick. He let his hands slip down her hips until they reached the bottom of her rain-drenched skirt; he pushed the heavy cloth up to her hips and grabbed her smooth, slippery thighs. He ran his hands up until his thumbs brushed against the bottom of her panties; he slipped them under until he felt her small clit and began to rub it gently with his fingertip.

Abby arched her back and let out a quiet moan, she pushed her hips up into his hands and he smiled as he felt her heartbeat quicken. He slipped her panties down her smooth legs, exposing her soaked pussy to the cold air. His fingers slipped back and forth past her wet lips before he pushed one into her burning wetness. Abby gasped again and yanked her hands out of his jeans and desperately began to fiddle with his buttons. She closed her eyes as she felt his finger sweeping in and out of her slowly and she thought, if one finger felt this good, then she couldn't wait to feel his dick as it entered her.

Before she could pull his boxers down, she felt her hips being yanked into the air. Troy was sitting up and had adjusted himself beneath her. His hands were grasping her hips and he had pulled them up to meet his lowered face.

"Ahhh," Abby piped out softly as she felt his warm tongue reach out and encircle her sensitive clit. He flicked the nub with his rough skin and hungrily sucked off her fresh, sweet juices. He ran his tongue up and down her young, tight lips before plunging them deep into her warm folds. He grabbed her body tighter to keep her wet thighs from slipping out of his hands. His tongue rubbed the inside of her moist pussy in swooping motions, lapping up her wetness as the rain poured down his face. "Ohhh," she raised her hand to her mouth, then brushed her wet hair from her face as she shut her eyes tight. With her other hand she reached down to caress his head gently. "Troy…"

"Yes?" he lifted his face from her hips and lowered her legs to rest beside him. As he bent forward to kiss her, her hands reached down to lower his boxers and her fingers wrapped around his hard cock. He kissed her passionately as the heat rose to fill his head with each stroke.

He reached down to steady her hand and lifted his shaft from her eager grasp. He adjusted his seat on top of her and positioned his dick in front of her warm mouth. The cold rain slid down his body and droplets of water fell from his hot member onto her shaking lips. The hot breath escaping from her mouth sent a rush through his dick that caused it to pulse and throb. She parted her lips slightly and he rested the swollen head of his dick on her moist lips. Her tongue poked out hesitantly to swirl around the tip and Troy tilted his head back at the warm touch of her smooth tongue. He slowly pushed his shaft into her small, wet mouth.

Abby gasped at the size of it and struggled to breath as the rain poured down on her face, dripping past her nose and into her mouth. She placed her hand on his chest and he looked down to see her dilemma. He suddenly realized that the rain made it too difficult and he understandingly pulled out from her mouth. Abby gasped for breath as he kissed her apologetically on the cheek.

"Troy," she whispered, raising her hand to his face. "Please, take me. Please."

He nodded as he kissed her gently on the lips and positioned himself between her thighs. Pushing her skirt up around her hips again, he pressed his throbbing head against her wet folds before plunging his dick deep into her tight pussy.

"Troy!" she cried out loud, flinging her arms around his neck as she felt his thick cock sliding deep into her slowly. The heat of the penetration took her mind off the cold rain that soaked into their bodies and she moaned with each stroke he made into her.

Soon he was buried deep inside her, thrusting hard against her tightening muscles. He wrapped his strong arms around her legs and lifted them over his shoulders, pushing himself deeper into her. He blinked away the water gathering around his eyes and stared down at the young girl beneath him. Her brown curls were completely drenched and the rain made her entire body glisten, from her gentle face to her round breasts and hard nipples. And then there was her pussy, tight and wet, soaked with anything but rain; it felt like her entire body was pulsing around his hardness and with each thrust into her he could feel her tightening.

Her thighs were tense and began to tremble from their perch on his shoulders. He raised his hands to steady them and keep them from slipping off his wet body. He drove into her harder and groaned as he heard her moan his name out again. He couldn't get enough of her and yet he could feel the blood gathering in his throbbing member and the familiar hot rush that drove him wild. He lowered her thighs and wrapped them around his waist, bending down to kiss her lips as he pushed deep into her. Every stroke sent a wave through her body that rushed through her nerves and escaped from her mouth as a moan. Troy pounded deep into her and caught each of her exhales in his own mouth as he kissed her.

"Abby," he whispered. "Abby, I'm gonna come." He buried his face into her neck and sucked on her skin as he increased his speed to finish off. When the final thrust crashed into her tight, sensitive walls, Troy moaned deep into the nape of her neck, "Abby…"

"Troy!" Abby screamed as she clutched his body close to hers, she could feel his hot cum filling her and his warm cock throbbing inside her body.

As the heat subsided the cold rain brought them back down to reality. Troy kissed her face again and she shivered as he wiped the cold water from her face. He slipped his dick back into his boxers and buttoned his pants before jumping up to grab his dry t-shirt from underneath he awning. He brought it to her and pulled it over her head. He picked up her tired body and her discarded blouse and panties and carried her into the house. When he set her down on her feet she grabbed a kitchen towel and wiped the water from his bare body.

He touched her face and lifted it to his and kissed her again. When he was dried off he grabbed the sweater he left on a kitchen chair and threw it over his head.

Abby brought her hand to her chest, touching his damp t-shirt.

"Keep it," he told her.

He walked to the sink and wrung the excess water from her blouse and panties and handed them to her.

She smiled and shook her head as she placed them back in his hands. "Keep it."