The Windowsill.

I watched them through the thin sheet of glass. It is like I am spying into another world, their world and this window is a portal acting as a barrier between our realities. I know the glass works both ways allowing light out as well as in, so if they cared to they could look up at our house, there they would see a young woman on the windowsill, her feet up against the wall, a book in her hand. If some soul did look up from their daily business they might observe that she has no interest in the book, they would see how the book dipped limply in her hand. But they don't notice me looking down on them. Up here I feel invisible, a curious spirit gazing at the creatures through a magic mirror. But it is not a land of magical beauty that lies beyond my window, merely a street. A street that holds little importance to no one except those few like me who live on it. A grey road lined with cars, grey rooftops belonging to pebbledash houses with white plastic doors that lead straight onto the stone slab pavement. All plain and dull. Even the sky seems to join my street in its dull atmosphere and yet through the cold grey clouds, flashes of warm sunlight glimpses my street, instantaneously warming my face.

Some children charge, smiling, along the street. They dodge amongst the cars, happily fleeing from the child wielding the large water gun. I feel sure the sun has purposely forced its way through the carpet of clouds at the sound of the children's laughter because the street seems to light up for them and then to darken as they run from the old man they accidentally soak. I smile as they run to the end of he street and hide behind the corner of the end house. A head pops out as a child with short brown hair checks that they have escaped before giggling and disappearing to join the rest of his mates. The old man walking a small russleterrier had no intension of taking pursuit of the children, only to grumble half-heartedly under his breath as he saunters slowly along the pavement and eventually out of sight. His dog brings forth memories of my old jackrussle Kiera who died over two years ago. Then as though sensing and resenting my thoughts on such a species as dog, my cat strides in, demanding my attention. I majestically apologise for my thoughts on dogs and offer her a seat on my lap. She graciously accepts and makes herself comfortable. I am a sorceress high in my tower, looking though my enchanted mirror with my magical cat. My cat seems contented with the idea.

"Amber! Hello Amber!"

I turn to the chant of my name and sigh, displeased at the sight of my aunts short, slim physique. Evil Lynn, my mothers sister. A fussy woman who takes pleasure in correcting my dresscode. I'll tell her mum won't be home for some time but she won't mind and will happily wait, afterall the last time she came around I was away at university so why not take the opportunity to explain to me the important things in life.

"Amber darling!" she calls again, her arms waving like a panicked bat in hope of grabbing my attention. "Come and open the door for your dear aunty."

Irritated growls are thrown at me from my cat as I move her to the bed and proceed to become a gracious host for my loving aunt. If only the window had been a one way portal or a magic mirror. Not that it would have made much of a difference, I could possess a cloak of invisibility and she would still have sensed uncombed clothing style. Well I guess as she of all people looked up at my window, I may as well let her in.