he says yes
curving corners of his lips

and oh, he's happy too (exhilarated, even)
lifts his sunshine into the air and spins him 'round

He's flying, he really is-
giddy on oscillation and he can't believe it
everything is moving
and defining itself

feet on the ground and lip to lip
he's pressing in, familiar heat and dry softness
but this is exotic
this tastes like a promise

just yes, in this moment it is an affirmative
that this is correct and continuing
(that each time could thrill like first-time, but this is a first-time)
and though he's afraid, he won't have it any other way

love is a foreign language so he won't say,
he's never known a bliss above this
but there's an understanding in this closeness
and he's a million thoughts and heart constrictions

and he feels shy again
like that midnight they met --

and he feels sure
this is enough, this is enough