Author's Note

Author's Note

So we come to the end of another adventure. Stacie is no where near done yet. She has a lot of fighting, working and learning left to do. She has no idea what surprises I have in store for her. I will be getting started on the last piece, "The Queen's Revolution, Ring of the Queen Part III" soon.

I appreciate all of you who have been reading along. I love the work. I love that Trekboy is constantly after me to make sure that I finish what I start. Russia is my greatest passion. I hope that everyone enjoys the subject matter as much as I do.

As usual, I will tell you truth from fiction. There is no ring of the queen. There are no Catherine Papers. There is no evidence that the Romanovs in any way survived the revolution. As a matter of fact, in the last year forensic anthropologist have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the family is in fact all dead. It still makes for a great story though.

Now for the facts. All of the towns, equipment, and other locations, weather and such are all very real. It really does get that cold in the Arctic. It also is really that remote in Siberia. If you were wondering about the New York Pizza restaurant in Novosibirsk, it is there. It is real. The owner really is from Wisconsin. I hear that he is a really nice guy too.

Well, thank you for your support and for reading along. I hope to hear more reviews. I love to know what you think.

See you soon!!