To be called Magnanimous

Hair colored like an unripened pumpkin

Ears of a lynx and eyes of a bat

"Felix, felix, felix," she scolds, smiling

Impishly, a leprechaun on her face

As she sighs, woebegone, "for the last time

Remove that grody toothpick from your mouth

Or I shall sick Romula and Rema on you"

Before her mischievousness succumbs

To erratic bouts of self-absorption

And she begins writing furiously

Suddenly forgetting about the test

Today on pluperfect subjunctive

Or that any of us were there, really

Our only homework: perform a snow dance

On winter solstice, so she can sleep late

She dresses with abandon and dances

Like a wood nymph, laughing with those who laugh

At her. In wake of marriage proposals

From homeless men, (she politely declines)

Endlessly impressed by kitchen duty

She thought me noble for washing dishes