Great Expectations

Dogwood petals should be lining

The sidewalks like wedding aisles,

Instead, the snow in April has other plans

Freezing the tiny crosses just in time for Easter.

There won't be dogwoods or snow when families gather

For our union, just garden flowers and ivy

Inching up the old church wall.

It won't be June or May or any other

Month that could be a child's name,

When baritone bells chime summoning

Everyone to see the bride and groom descending

Marble stairs.

Scornfully she will stare through her nylon veil

Knowing that once she walks to the altar

All expectations will be on her.

What if she is content with a county courthouse?

Wearing no gown but a sundress of all colors,

Her groom in kakis and a polo shirt smiling.

In their minds it means the same thing.