Darwin Reconsidered.

I spied with my blue eye a bug curled up

In post mortem inside a sheer glass light.

I feel how strong how I recall the day

I watched it die. I did not have a screwdriver

To break the white fluorescent bulb. No way!

It looked like a gross bug and I hate all

Gross bugs; roaches being the worst of all

The lot. It still lies decaying. What if

It were a butterfly, with its powder

Wings painfully burning in third degree?

I would have pried the screen off with absent

But strong rough fingernails. I would rather

Be cut and bleed for beauty than for an

Ugly thing to viciously gnaw on me.

I will admit that it isn't nice or

Flattering for my character; but I

Am very honest with myself always.

Darwin should have added the looks of a

Creature in his theory. Always bleeding

For beauty is something we girls are too

Familiar with. We wax and pluck too much

Of our bodies, trying to fit into

New clothes which are two sizes too damn small

Only for some dumb guy to tell us we

Are so pretty. And yet we aren't by the

Time our spirits have withered away

Without a compliment. We starve our souls

To starve ourselves. I starved a curled up bug

Inside a thin burning white light because

I did not care about the thing at all.

Did it deserve to die? Of course. Well it

Wound up within a light of its own will.

This way is how we treat ourselves every

Day of the long tortured year since we hurt

Ourselves so we do not end up like this

Bug stuck in the ceiling forgot about.

We want to be the butterfly worth enough to be

Cared for. Ugly bugs don't get loved at all.