Oh Vanity!

To see the minds of my generation

Running through the streets—starved

Though not hysterical or naked—on the contrary

With at least three layers of clothes in summertime,

Is just as Ridiculous as a spell in Harry Potter.

Starved not of culture, nor material possessions, but

Of knowledge and intelligence.

When I say Freidan, I get glassy eyes.

She's your grandmother's age now.

When I say Kissinger, no one can pinpoint

What he did or where he went.

They barely know where China is.

Ask them about Britney's divorce,

They know Anna Nicole's baby's daddy of course,

And TomKat's baby blues,

That Cameron Diaz didn't make a hit with "In Her Shoes."

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan are making news

Couldn't care less, Yankees gotta lose.

Barbaro was America's favorite horse,

While other media mediums lose their force,

Texting makes America tlk lik they r 2 kool,

2 B in Skool.

Do ur hmwrk.

If you were born in 1990, you would be 17 this year.

That is too young to remember the Berlin Wall,

Night vision wars, CNN, Madonna before she was Jewish.

It would be 12 years in 2 days from now when Oklahoma was in flames,

Now all we care about are celebrity baby names.

That is for your younger siblings, counterparts from 1980s.

What is your excuse?

We always know that friendly mirrors show true colors.

Stop staring, blinded by your own lives.

Oh, vanity! You capture our hearts, minds, eyes.

I, even if the only one, will stand to face your lies.